Big Data


Big data more than just a buzzword, its a capability that amplifies the information fabric of your enterprise, and offers the enterprise to build a compelling competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Data explosion, Globally, has led to an unprecedented scenario that CXOs cannot ignore. While it poses a problem, it also gives an opportunity to distill value and drive productivity from mountains of data.

At Locuz, we help the enterprise move from being a 'data-limited' to a 'data-driven' one, thereby enabling smarter, faster decisions that result in better business outcome. Leveraging our solutions around big data, enterprises can solve specific problems (allied with data volume, variety, and velocity), design build and implement enterprise-wide big data strategies, create effective roadmaps, and develop a real competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our Offerings

Locuz offers the broadest and most integrated portfolio of products to help enterprise acquire and organize the diverse data sources and analyze them alongside the existing data to find new insights and capitalize on hidden relationships.

We provide architectural guidance and affordable solutions to help enterprise meet the daunting challenges of Big Data through our strategic partnerships & collaborations with leading players in the ecosystem.

  • Technology/OEM's Partnerships with Cisco, EMC, Oracle, IBM
  • Hadoop Platform: Cloudera & Horton Works
  • Automation & Management: Cisco & Open Source
  • Visualization Platform: Pentaho, Open Source

Solutions Framework

Our solutions framework will help enterprise to transparently analyze, Data at Rest, Motion & in Use.

Client Case Studies

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