802.11n, the nexgen WLAN – will it replace wired ethernet?

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With current data rates up to 300Mbits/s, this nexgen wireless technology will replace plus be new choice for most wired Ethernet implementations. VoIP is likely to get the boost unlike anytime before. It also will make its way to set-top boxes, camcorders, and most gizmos around you that you wished Wi-Fi offered Hi-Fi and Hi-Def quality.

This is possible with MIMO technology with spatial multiplexing that 802.11n uses and promises up to Gbits/sec speeds.

All the classic technology laws will soon apply so any qualms about availability, security and performance will soon be behind us.

The technology got thumbs up with Draft 2.0 approved by IEEE 802.11 working group. And looks there is nothing else we need to wait for. At Locuz we just kept pace as before and made the necessary tie-ups that we will soon announce.

More importantly we are going to be performing some extensive tests on streaming audio and video for putting the technology to specialized applications besides Business as usual environments – again particularly Enterprise VoIP.



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That is my title for the event the Industry champions (VMware, Cisco, Sun, Microsoft, NetApp, EMC, BEA, Oracle etc.) should come together to organise. VMWORLD 2007 was not enough for the appetite of Technology Infrastructure community.

It is no more about Virtual Machines but Virtual Enterprise and orchestration across environments of Compute, Storage, Network, Security, Database, Desktop and perhaps process frameworks plus their automation for Business Service Management.

It should discuss models engineered for each environment and relationships among models.

Just wonder what scale would VEWORLD then mean (Delegates – 10,000 X 6, may be 7/8??)…

VMWORLD 2007 General session hall
Image Courtesy, Victor

Uttam Majumdar

VMWORLD 2007 @ San Francisco

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I am here at this event by VMware and inspired by the magic “V” word is doing to change the game. Virtualization is here to stay – this is heard at very high decibels all around and challenging if you haven’t got started to seek advantages for your business.

Over 10,000 people are here at the event and the organisation is brilliant. Some great key notes, 250 break out sessions, several labs and 140 odd exhibitors and all around V.

There are over 130 exhibitors who seem to have a niche offering around Virtualization alone. I was mentioning to a friend here though jokingly that all these companies someday have to be either acquired by VMware or may have to wait until Microsoft or Xensource make any suitable mark. And the next day back at booth one of them is down – acquired by VMware.

Some of the key notes were good, can’t wait to say how much I liked the key note by John Chambers, more so becoz his talk particularly seemed reassuring to us for our SOI & SOM way.

Infrastructure orchestration is a key component of our SOI & SOM approach.

My 2 cents….

There is an urgent need to establish standards and frameworks for VI (Virtual Infrastructure) operations management. I am presuming that will soon happen. The current ITIL framework is not complete enough to address VI related services management. So are the other challenges with frameworks that currently address native Security, Availability and Performance issues.

As the event concludes, I may have more to contribute.



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We came out with a new brochure that communicates about our CaPS (Consulting & Professional Services) Business. Quite fresh thoughts and I feel it really resonates with our offerings and some of our client endorsements.

You may want to download and read. I welcome your comments.

You should get access to more content better explained on our website in the next couple of days.

Thanks! Uttam.

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