Trends in IT Managment – 2008

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Reading thru this article on trends from EMA, I realize there is not one that can be denied. Truth be told, I think some of these trends are dependent on the planning stage of lifecycle and therefore methodology for Systems Integration.

So another important trend I think is “Planning Orchestration”.

Should planning be treated as a trend? My take is Yes!

Our approach block simply has been about these trends and more, and is complete representation of my suggestion thru the outer most box.

CaPS Approach

Best regards, Uttam.

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  1. Rekha Menon Says:

    I did read the articel “IT Management Trends to Watch for in 2008 ” by EMA. And its really great to know that our Approach Block is based on the 9 areas for the IT Management market -2008 identified by EMA! . I still remember you talking abt BSM in the last boot camp…think for the next you should aslo cover on End-End Application Management !
    My recent meeting with Mr. Shivam (VP-IT) of I-gate did also teach me what a consistent deploymnet means !
    Think, this article is to be read by each and everyone in Locuz…atleast the Sales team
    I am sure atleast our competition doesnt talk abt such stuff.


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