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It is matter of immense responsibility and pride for all of us at Locuz. Sanjeev should be credited with the fact that his decision then helps Samit stay healthy thru tough times like these.




RIM & Recession

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Every single meeting I had in the last two months – that I did not post anything on my blog – was about IT heads saying they have their eyes fixed on the ball – doing more or same but certainly with less.

Remote Infrastructure Management is the surest way. But this can be misleading too. It is extremely important to know what capabilities one should look for in the RIM partner. Let me offer a few tips (not in any order and none being optional) -

1. RIM partner should be able to offer flexible models
2. Should have deep Network and Systems Integration skills
3. Be specialized in Security
4. Contribute in transformational projects for Business IT alignment
5. Offer best practices and have delivery Centre Certified
6. Introduce Automation and Standardization – processes and delivery
7. Should be able to co-locate systems closest to the Delivery team
8. Virtual staff augmentation of highest quality
9. Contribute to Architecture decisions
10. Innovate (and can mean so much)
11. Tools – best of breed
12. Improving Datacentre efficiency for power and space
13. Consolidate and optimize the network, systems and storage
14. Mitigate all risks connected with Business Services availability
15. Finally bring cost down by 20% in the first year

Our customers have chosen us for these reasons.

Conclusion – RIM Services is the way forward to better manage IT Infrastructure while reducing operational costs.

I will have a note from a customer who is keen to share the experience on my next post.



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