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Here too my paper got selected and am speaking at the Bangalore event.

The topic is same as the one I spoke at INTEROP but this time around, I will touch base on “Service Orientation for the Enterprise Cloud”. You may wonder, cloud is all about service orientation anyway so what would SOC (my musings on SOx, after SOI & SOM) – Service Oriented Cloud – be about.

As cloud definitions and perspectives evolve, we found our way to explain what goes within and beyond.

See you at the BT Summit.



Unified Computing

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Since I could not create one for our way of SOI/SOM, I borrowed this one and is the closest we are to. This is something I otherwise keep saying with product neutralism; however would never mind using Cisco technology in our stack to SOI. Go thru by pressing the replay button…



An Award well deserved…

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I was in Dubai on the last weekend of August, hosted by Symantec for their Partner Event called – Partner Engage 2008.

It was nicely done event.

We were conferred the award – Partner for Emerging Solutions. This is well deserved because it resonates with our focus on IT Automation and our SOM (Services Oriented Management) strategy.

SOM is the cornerstone of SOI and we have been able to successfully develop blue print for customers that brings enormous visibility into their Enterprise Infrastructure assisting making informed decisions. The relationship between CI’s (Configuration Items) is key to our SOM approach including users (is user a CI? Yes!).

The award by Symantec is to recognize us in helping customers offer technology; processes and sustainable methodology in building the blocks that will make them Adaptive Enterprise.

Thanks and Cheers!


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