Engineering Services


Engineering Services in manufacturing companies need to innovate faster while always making cost efficient. High Performance computing plays crucial role in research and Development and related simulation of future products and services. High performance computing also helps in reducing the cost of product as well speeding the design process for speedy release of product to market.

Locuz provides application specific high performance computing solution that can handle wide range of commercial and in-house application in production environment for better throughput and performance; thereby leaving the users to focus on the core business.

Why Locuz?

A proven track record of designing and deploying High Performance Computing systems for numerous engineering services applications like Ansys, CFD & CAE.

Locuz Unified HPC Portal provides complete integrated GUI based job submission portal; which is secured, integrated for all leading Crash/CFD and CAE Workloads and provides single window of management and monitoring. Locuz uses filed tested methodologies and works closely with all major software vendors for improving and optimizing the application portfolio stacks.

Our HPC practice has sustained growth since its inception and our continued investments in people, industry associations, tools and solution sets, helps us maintain our reputation as one of the leading services vendor for this industry. At Locuz, we help engineering services companies gain high performance through:

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