Financial Services


To meet increased competition, higher market data volume, and new regulatory demands, financial services firms are trying to maintain their competitive edge by constantly changing their trading strategies and increasing the speed of trading.

A viable blueprint architecture framework needs to be in place with the latest technologies from both network and application domains. It has to be modular to provide a manageable path to evolve each component with minimal disruption to the overall system. i.e. ultra-low latency messaging, latency  monitoring, multicast, computing, storage, data and application virtualization, trading resiliency, trading mobility, and thin clients.

Locuz has built on strong domain competencies in financial services market for enhancing their capabilities to transform, manage, innovate and forge ahead.

Why Locuz?

A value-based approach and deep domain expertise in financial services verticals, Locuz helps leading global financial services firms manage risk, comply with regulations and manage transformational challenges while driving efficiency and improving service levels.

As a cloud system integrator, we host, operate and manage services providing you with rapid time-to-value.



  Ultra-low latency messaging   Middleware
  Latency monitoring   Instrumentation—appliances, software agents, and router modules
  Computing services   OS and I/O virtualization, Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), TCP Offload Engines (TOE)
  Application virtualization   Middleware which parallelizes application processing
  Data virtualization   Middleware which speeds-up data access for applications, e.g., in-memory caching
  Multicast service   Hardware-assisted multicast replication through-out the network; multicast Layer 2 and Layer 3 optimizations
  Storage services   Virtualization of storage hardware (VSANs), data replication, remote backup, and file virtualization
  Trading resilience and mobility   Local and site load balancing and high availability networks
  Wide Area application services   Acceleration of applications over a WAN connection for traders residing off-campus
  Thin client service   De-coupling of the computing resources from the end-user facing terminals
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