The healthcare industry is going through an unprecedented change that is driven by regulations and market forces. With the need of such changes, Locuz presents a distinctively Healthcare Transformational Services & Solutions to ready embrace and manage these changes through technologies that help people connect, access information, and collaborate organizations.

The right combination of clinical and business process improvements combined with technology help healthcare facilities achieve an environment that is interconnected, streamlined, efficient, and patient focused. This can benefit all stakeholders, from patients to medical providers, payers, and life sciences organizations with assured business benefits of:

How Locuz Delivers Business Value

We blend our industry-leading expertise in practice, technology and sourcing to help our customers solve complex business problems and unlock their value levers, by creating outcomes in three key areas: business transformation, accelerating innovation and efficient operations.


  • Multi-services approach with an integrated Technology, Operations and Infrastructure service offering
  • Solution accelerators for VDI, BYOD, Application packaging and Compliance tool-kits that address key issues and challenges in the healthcare services industry
  • Robust Transition framework with more than 100+ processes in Healthcare Services
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