High Performance Computing


In today’s global environment, organizations need to be highly competitive to strive for better outcomes. Whether it’s improved financial performance, shorter product development cycles in better understanding of molecular level interactions, or more efficient ways to simulate the behavior of materials at Nano-scale, High Performance Computing (HPC) is one of the latest tools used in building supercomputers and computer clusters to resolve these complicated computing problems.

HPC is increasingly becoming prominent in applications arena too; relating to segments such as drug discovery, financial risk modeling, oil and gas exploration, aircraft, and automotive design etc.

Locuz offers high value, integrated solutions based on the following strengths:

Our Offerings

Locuz offers a comprehensive solution on high performance computing which includes things like portfolio of loosely coupled clusters, SMP, accelerator based systems, High performance storage, application parallelization. We have designed industry specific solutions considering the challenges and business requirements of respective industry verticals.  In addition, our services can help organization to optimize and overcome obstacles to parallelism and other revolutionary approaches to High Performance Computing.

HPC Assessment Services:  

  • HPC requirement assessment
  • HPC capacity planning assessment
  • HPC migration assessment services.

HPC Application Services:  

  • Application benchmarking.
  • Application porting on heterogeneous platforms (RISC, Linux clusters, Windows clusters, GPU, MIC etc..).
  • Application optimization.
  • Application fine-tuning for co-processor systems.

HPC infrastructure Implementation & Management Services:

  • HPC infrastructure deployment services like Cluster Deployment / SMP/RISC based system deployment/ Parallel file storage deployment using Luster, GPFS, IBRIX, PanFS, one FS etc..
  • GUI HPC Cluster Management and Monitoring tool (Ganana cluster Management tool)
  • GUI Based job submission portal (Ganana HPC Portal)
  • 24*7 remote management services through our Global Delivery Centres
  • Application License Management.

Solutions Framework

Business Benefits

At Locuz, the High Performance Computing practice focuses on offering competent and proficient solutions that delivers value:
  • Powered by Ganana tool (HPC Portal) to offer robust integrated solution with a single point of administration.
  • Increase throughput of heterogeneous workloads, thereby reducing time to results.
  • Reduce cost by consolidation and maximizing the utilization of HPC infrastructure.
  • Improve data orchestration, resource availability and security & user productivity.

Business Alliances

IBM, HP, SGI , INTEL, Fujitsu, nVIDIA, Netapp,  DDN, PANASAS,  Mellanox, CRAY

Client Case Studies

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