Research & Development


High Performance computing provides today's researchers with an essential means of investigation that helps them push back the boundaries of science and accelerate time-to-discovery. Theoreticians require Advance Computation and huge Volumes of Storage to increase understanding of the behavior of the systems ranging from the sub atomic particles, Nano materials, astrophysics and weather prediction to drug discovery, genomics, DNA Sequencing and related area of research, while experimentalists increasingly rely on advanced storage systems to accommodate and make sense of the large amount of data got from specialized instruments.

Locuz High Performance computing practice with its application and domain centric approach allows scientists to maximize application performance and research flexibility. Locuz best in class scale out and scale up Computing Solutions with domain and implementation experience from the HPC practice team allows users, Project groups, Institutions and nationwide cross – institute entities to develop breakthrough solutions with advanced computing technology; be able to analyze huge amount of data and generate breakthrough results.

Why Locuz?

Our HPC solutions & services are designed to transform static computing resources into flexible high performance computing that can be shared, managed and easily provisioned to support the demands of compute- and data-intensive workloads and changing user requirements. Benefits that include:
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