Cloud Readiness Things to Consider

Cloud Readiness Assessment Checklist

Cloud Readiness Things to Consider

Cloud migration is often complex and risky if not planned well. Compliance, cloud security, unclear business case, insufficient planning and operational readiness are some of the most common challenges that organizations face during their data transition to the cloud. To ensure a smooth migration, organizations must perform a cloud readiness assessment. This assessment must be performed by taking into consideration all the technical group and key stakeholders from the business groups. 

  • Page load times
  • CPU usage
  • Response times
  • Memory usage
  • Availability
  • Conversion rates

  • List the applications which can be moved as it is, and which applications need a re-design?
  • Level of complexity for the applications which need re-design?
  • Will the cloud provider allow the migration without reconfiguring workloads?
  • What is the ROI for the applications that are planned to migrate to the cloud?
  • Which type of cloud environment best suits the applications?

  • What are the tools used for cloud migration?
  • Level of expertise?
  • Does the CSP support public, private and multi-cloud environments?
  • Level of support provided during and after the migration process?
  • How does it deal with out-dated technologies or complex architectures?

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