Why Choose Google Cloud?

Cloud is today beyond a storage platform, it is now a superpower. The advent of new technologies such as AI/ML, Kubernetes, big data etc; has turned the cloud to be a customized solution for resolving all kinds of business problems. In this fast-evolving cloud world, there are numerous vendors that are offering various cloud solutions. Google is one such cloud player which offers end-to-end solutions for the customers. Google cloud is one of the top cloud providers, let’s understand how Google cloud is making a difference.

Why Google Cloud

Most of the leading companies across various industry verticals are opting for Google Cloud to solve their hardest challenges.

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

Google cloud provides a commitment to open-source hybrid and multi-cloud, which allows users to run their data and apps over any of these environments by avoiding vendor lock-in. Google’s distributed cloud solutions offer consistency among public and private clouds, allowing companies to modernize. It also allows developers to build faster in any environment.

Make smarter decisions with Google Cloud AI/ML capabilities

Google Cloud’s machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities, allow organizations to Maximize insights from their data. Google’s machine learning platform and serverless data analytics facilitates businesses to make intelligent predictions, streamline management and operations and process automation

Run-on the sustainable cloud

Google Cloud has laid a sustainable path for businesses by unveiling a carbon-neutral cloud. It is the only leading cloud provider that is using 100% renewable energy. All the cloud products and services are run with electricity that is matched 100% with renewable energy. By adopting Google Cloud organizations can save the planet.

Operate confidently with advanced security tools

Google Cloud uses the same security services and infrastructure that Google uses, this guarantees the organizations with high-end data protection. It protects organizations infrastructure, data and applications from deceitful activity, spam, and abuse.

Google Cloud’s data storage, compute and networking services offer data encryption to organization data at rest, in transit, and in use. Complete compliance support and data confidentiality is guaranteed with Google Cloud’s advanced security tools.

Google Workspace to change how workforce connect and collaborate

Google Workspace offers an organization workforce with all the collaboration apps in a single space, such as email, chat, documents and video calling.

With an integrated workspace, businesses can build new customer experiences as frontline workers stay connected with the customers and by effective team’s collaborations

Save money, increase efficiency, and optimize spend

As per a study conducted by TechValidate, it is evident that 86% of Google Cloud customers declared that have witnessed an increase in their operational efficiency and optimize IT spend. With Google Clouds transparent and innovative approach to pricing, organizations can save so much. With Anthos, platform management is very easy, about 40% to 55% of the time spent is reduced.

Customized solutions for specific industries

Google Cloud provide services to drive business transformation across various verticals such as financial services, media, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, gaming, entertainment, Telco and the public sector. Google Cloud partners with clients to build customized solutions for their hardest business challenges. Businesses like Procter & Gamble and Target trusted Google Cloud because of its industry-first solutions, robust ecosystem of partners and expertise.

Google Cloud Platform services:


The compute service allows for computing and hosting the cloud. The various services under this are as follows:

  • App Engine
  • Compute Engine
  • Kubernetes Engine
  • Cloud Functions
  • Cloud Run

Storage & Database

The Storage and database service allows the application to store some media files, backups, or other file-like objects. The various services under this are as follows:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud SQL
  • Cloud Bigtable
  • Cloud Spanner
  • Cloud Datastore
  • Persistent Disk
  • Cloud Memory Store


The networking services allow us to load-balance traffic across resources, create DNS records, and much more. The various services under this are as follows:

  • VPC
  • Cloud Load Balancing
  • Cloud Armor
  • Cloud CDN
  • Cloud Interconnect
  • Cloud DNS
  • Network Service Tiers

Big Data:

The Big Data service allows us to process and query Big Data in the cloud. The various services under this are as follows:

  • BigQuery
  • Cloud
  • Cloud Dataproc
  • Cloud Composer
  • Cloud Daatalab
  • Cloud Dataprep
  • Cloud Pub/Sub
  • Cloud Data Studio

Machine Learning:

  • Cloud Machine learning Engine
  • Cloud Jobs API
  • Cloud Natural Language API
  • Cloud Speech API
  • Cloud Translation API
  • Cloud Vision API
  • Cloud Video Intelligence

Google Cloud Solutions:

Application Modernization:

Google cloud allows the organization to develop and run applications from anywhere, it uses cloud-native technologies like serverless, containers and service mesh.

  • Hybrid and Multi-cloud Application Platform
  • Cloud-Native App Development
  • Serverless Solutions
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Integration
  • DevOps
  • Hosting


Google Cloud’s has industry-leading database migration and modernization solutions which enables organizations to optimize data, accelerate business transformation with and solve specific use cases.

  • Database migration
  • Database Modernization
  • Open-source database
  • SQL Server on Google Cloud

Digital Transformation:

Goggle cloud provides solutions that enable hybrid and multi-cloud environments thereby accelerating business recovery and ensure a better future and keep teams connected. It also generates intelligent insights that help the organization in better decision making

  • Business Continuity
  • Operational efficiency
  • Digital innovation


Detect, investigate, and protect against online threats.

  • Security Analytics and operations
  • Web App and API Protection (WAAP)

Smart analytics

The serverless, fully managed analytics platform significantly simplifies analytics and generate instant insights from data at any scale

  • Data warehouse modernization
  • Data lake modernization
  • Stream analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing analytics

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