Digital Transformation: Riding the Wave or Watching the tide go by?

Can you imagine a Futuristic Mr. Bond, the Secret Agent trying to defeat A Super Geeky Villain with his year old 1962, Beretta 6.35mm gun? The answer is clearly NO! As for the Super-Agent 007, it’s all about the Digitized Gadgets, Upgraded Fancy Cars and Revolutionized Weapons that he uses to win over the Geeky Villains and sn.....


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Solving the SMB IT Infrastructure Management Dilemma

Frameworks such as ITIL have developed guidelines for strategizing, designing, implementing and managing IT Infrastructure that provides best value to businesses.  While the guidelines were designed for Tier-1 firms, they are also applicable for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses.  Ignoring the Fortune 1000, there.....


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