Conquo Snap

Conquo Snap is a simple, scalable, cost-effective way to grow your instance & data backup in the cloud with total peace-of-mind. It’s a SaaS tool to manage snapshot of AWS EC2 & EBS volumes and a snapshot cost optimization tool.

As your infrastructure grows, it gets harder to keep an eye on all the moving parts and to come up with a good cloud management strategy. A tool like Conquo Snap gives you the visibility, control and recommendations you need to optimize your AWS spending.

You do not need to be a backup expert for using Conquo Snap or need a backup administrator to maintain it. It is a wizard based DIY tool and manageable all from one single console.

Key Features

Reduce EBS Snapshot Costs

Minimize spend by deleting EBS snaps after copying to Amazon S3 for long term retention.

Archive EBS Snapshots

Copy EBS snapshots to our low-cost S3 Glarier tier for long-term data retention savings.

Listing of all EBS Volumes

Helps to identify all attached and unattached / orphan EBS volumes. Orphan EBS volumes may be removed to reduce the storage billing.

Support multi-tenancy

Easily manage backup & DR for multiple accounts from a “single pane of glass”.

Automate Backups

Policy based EBS snapshots to S3 bucket for scheduled backup and data retention savings.

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What You Can Achieve with Conquo SnAP

  • Up to 45% savings in the snapshot storage cost
  • Ease of management in AWS Snapshot sprawls
  • Single dashboard for snapshot schedule, listing of all the backup images, restoration and viewing cost saving.


Conquo SnAP

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