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Ganana HPC App Portal makes it easier for users to run HPC applications without programming and for administrators to better manage their clusters. The web-based Portal is available as a flexible, application-centric platform for users and administrators to interact with their HPC clusters or grid in a natural and powerful way. By standardizing access & use of the HPC applications, Ganana Portal makes it easier for HPC administrators to enforce site policies and minimize user support costs.

GUI (Web) Based Job Submission

Submit Jobs from any location using web Browser.

Windows Pre / Post Process Client Support

Windows systems can access (Input / Output files )directly from user’s home directory in Linux Cluster and do Pre / Post process activity.

License Server Intergration and Analytics

Support for License Server Integration with Scheduler. Shows the real time Free/ Busy License token of Applications.

Node Feature/ Characteristics Association

End users can only apply the jobs to nodes that have the required characteristics, therefore matching the best job to the best resource to get maximum performance.

Personalized Job Lists and Job Status Information

End users quickly learn to manage and track their jobs, reducing administrative support burden.

Reporting & Monitoring

Generate reports on Cluster usage, node usage, job, individual user, Department, etc. for specified period. Real time Resource monitoring of cluster as well as individual GUI Job monitoring by users. View historical data of cluster resource usage.

Flexible Authentication

Portal Integration with existing LDAP or NIS Auth system of organization or Cluster.

Credential-Specific Access and Submission

Software intelligently applies rules based on the user, group, quality of service, etc. of submitter. (Role Based Access).

Success Story

A Fortune 100 company has trusted Ganana App Portal to run their CFD workload after evaluating multiple options of Cluster manager and Job submission portals. The Portal provides them with ease of management, easy customization including job alerts & option to download the output data onto their systems and also allows integration to open source Schedulers. It provides complete GUI environment for users to effectively submit their jobs without bothering about Linux, scripting and scheduler knowledge.

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Ganana Unified HPC Cluster Manager & App Portal makes it easier for users to build HPC Cluster and run HPC applications without programming and for administrators to better manage their clusters.


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Unified HPC Cluster Manager


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