HPC Cluster Manager

Ganana HPC Cluster Manager makes it easier for Admins to build Linux based HPC Cluster, and to easily manage of their clusters on any x64 hardware. The web-based Portal is available as a flexible, feature centric for the administrators to interact with their HPC cluster or grid in a natural and powerful way. By standardizing click of button build & manage compute node images, management / monitoring packages, middleware software and post installation activities. It is highly useful in all sorts of HPC environment having a lot of advanced features and doing small things to save a large amount of time for repeated tasks.

Config Management

Through Puppet config automation

Node Management

ADD, DELETE, modify or reprovison single or multiple nodes from browser

Profile Automation

Node Profile based Partition Scheme & Pre / Post customization scripts

Common Service Management

Managed Services from cluster tool (DNS, DHCP, NFS, HA etc.)

User Management

Operations like addition, deletion, Password Change

Intuitive Portal

Responsive GUI Application to manage cluster configuration

Success Story

A Fortune 100 Company has trusted Ganana Cluster manager for their HPC environment after evaluating multiple options. It helps them in better uptime with inbuilt High availability features, ease of management & administration via GUI, and easy on customization with support for different versions of Linux.

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Ganana HPC Cluster Manager Makes it easier for Admins to build Linux based HPC Cluster, and to easily manage of their clusters on any x64 hardware.


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Unified HPC Cluster Manager


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