Unique way of Automating Microsoft Processes

Currently there are Multiple Admin consoles to Administer and Manage Windows Server, AD, Exchange, Office 365, Lync & SharePoint – both On-premise and Cloud. But for Advanced Management & Administration, an Admin needs to use complex PowerShell commands and scripts. It’s a rare and advanced skill among the Windows Admin community and currently most teams lack the required skills to accomplish this using Powershell commands/scripts.

TranShell is a comprehensive solution that automates advanced administration tasks which need PowerShell scripting, providing the Microsoft Sys Admins with a ‘single pane of glass’ for managing variety of application workloads, be it on premise or on cloud.
This saves huge time, effort & money for the administrators and developers who can manage a myriad of functions now with only a few clicks. Additionally, it reduces human error and improves reliability of services.

Why TranShell?

Advanced Administration

Consistency of the task management across environment / Create your own commands (cmdlets) and share with others / Automate tasks with Scripts


Significantly reduces efforts / Reduces risk and human error and also improves the reliability of services / Eliminates complex Workflow through customization and standardization

Managing Workloads

Microsoft Exchange Server / Office 365 / Microsoft Lync / Sharepoint / Windows Server


One Comprehensive Solution

For all Workloads and across Platforms / Powerful Graphical editor support / Management – Single pane of glass

Highly Customizable

Provision several hundred process task / Complex Workflow customization and as per requirement

Built-in Reports

One Click Reports Reports available in different formats (HTML, CSV and JSON) / As per Compliance requirement


User/Domain/Organization level / Dashboard view across all Workloads / Security Policy Management

Change 100+ object Properties

Update/Remove/Set any object property / Simple click to change facility for any modifications

License Management

Single page view of different Licenses applied / Edit feature

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Tran Shell


An innovative and flexible cloud solution for creating, deploying and managing highly reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure for enterprises


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