Core Infra Readiness Assessment

Most enterprises are combating server sprawl in their datacenters, over-provisioning of storage & networks, siloes of systems and significant administration overheads. Instead of fixing the issues using temporary patches, the best approach is to conduct a thorough assessment of their IT Infra from subject matter specialists. IT Infra Assessment Services help enterprises extract better RoI from their IT Infra assets and investments. IT Infra assessment methodology focuses on providing actionable insight to optimize IT Infra, reduce cost, mitigate risk, and support overall business-IT objectives.

Infra Assessment

IT infrastructure assessments evaluate all major infrastructure components including: data centers, servers, storage, networks, security, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), automation tools, users and applications

Productivity and Agility

The assessment aims to enhance agility, increase productivity of IT assets, reduce operational expenditure and position IT for the future.

Ops Assessment

IT operations assessments evaluate critical operational areas, such as planning, staffing, operational processes, vendor management and support.


A range of technology solutions such as Hyper Converged Infrastructure, Software Defined Networking, Mobility, Cloud Orchestration etc are considered and presented to customers as part of the recommendations.


Risk and Governance assessments study the overall posture of the organization, from a technology, process and people standpoint, to mitigate risk, respond to potential threats/disasters and comply with regulations


At the end of the study, customers are provided with the optimization paths that will have the most positive impact on business and a roadmap to help prioritize IT expenditure.

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