Security Posture Assessment and Review

Security Posture Assessment Service facilitate organizations in enhancing their security posture, by providing a point-in-time validation through Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing methodology. It does a systematic check for known vulnerabilities, pursuit of potential security risks and also identifies the accurate picture of the risks, weaknesses, information leaks and liability.

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Testing for known vulnerabilities

Identify and patch Application loopholes in server code or scripts

Reducing the risk and enticement to attack

Expert Advice on data that could have been exposed due to past errors

Advice on fixes and future security plans

Success Story

One of the world’s largest Generic Pharmaceutical companies trusted us for conducting an organization wide Network Security & Risk Assessment program. This included a holistic Security Posture assessment, Gap Analysis study & Security Advisory Services for developing a roadmap for Security transformation program. This helped them enhance the Security Controls and build a tight Risk Mitigation Plan

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Security Audit Services

“Today, over 80% of attacks against a company’s network come at the ‘Application Layer’ not the Network or System layer.


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Security Audit (VA & PT) Services

The scope of this document is to establish a Vulnerability Assessment Methodology which helps paint an accurate picture of the risks, weaknesses, information leaks and vulnerabilities.


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IT Infra Service Catalog

Locuz ensures IT Infrastructure Technologies today provide a full stack of options to deliver end-to-end Service – Orientation…


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Security Practice

We provide a layered security approach that addresses the infrastructure as a whole


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