Robust & Reliable Cloud Backup Technology For Managed Service Providers

CloudBerry Backup is a cross-platform cloud backup and disaster recovery software built for the cloud. CloudBerry Managed Backup Service (MBS) is built upon CloudBerry Backup technology to enable MSP, VAR and IT service companies to offer robust and reliable cloud backup service integrated with Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier and other cloud storage services.

How CloudBerry MBS Works

As a managed service provider, you have the control over all backups through the CloudBerry Managed Backup Service console, which is hosted on CloudBerry Lab’s server (Amazon EC2). After the client component is installed on the user end, you can see backups on the control panel and have full access to backup management functions. During backups, you can connect to a Managed Backup Service endpoint, rather than directly to Amazon S3. The Managed Backup Service signs every request and redirects requests to the designated cloud storage service.

Features & Benefits

Centralized Remote Management

An online control panel with intuitive interface comes with a set of tools to remotely assist your customers during initial backup setup and also to provide ongoing support.

Customizable Service Branding

Customize and white-label the backup client so it’s fully aligned with your own company’s style and brand identity.

Integration options/API

Integrate CloudBerry Managed Backup with your own applications or website. There are several integration options available: Command Line interface, XMLRPC API and C# API.

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