Enterprise Storage

With the growing demand for more data and quicker service, your choices for data storage solutions will have an immediate impact on your business. Tune your business with Enterprise Storage Management Solutions from Locuz.
Let Locuz help your organization gain optimum storage and data management services that will provide both, visibility and security for your company’s data.

Unified Storage

Get affordable, high performance unified storage with innovative storage software for simple and efficient solutions, optimized for virtual applications.

Enterprise SAN Storage

Make high-end networked storage part of your information infrastructure with systems that take performance, availability, and security to new heights. Manage and protect your information today—and expand in the future

Scale-Out NAS architecture

Get powerful scale-out NAS solutions for Big-Data that are simple to install, manage, and scale, at any size

Cloud Storage

Get highly scalable cloud storage based on new age file systems like Swift / Gluster / Ceph etc

Success Story

ISTRAC Chandrayan

India’s leading space research organization chose Locuz to build their mission Storage Infrastructure for India’s maiden moon mission. The solution comprised of over a half a petabyte of Storage as a part of the Hierarchical Storage Management solution comprising of Primary, Secondary and Tape storage. The solution meets the center’s need for highly performing and scalable storage infrastructure to meet the mission needs.

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