Server Consolidation

In today’s technology-driven environment, business agility depends on IT agility. But for many organizations, the potential business value of information technology has become trapped within traditional IT infrastructures that are too rigid, costly and complex to keep up with the pace of real-time business. In fact, most IT organizations spend 70–80 percent of their time and budget just “keeping the lights on,” leaving little time to innovate or support strategic business initiatives.

Consolidate Your Legacy Hardware

Consolidate all your legacy systems and improve the server recovery time while enhancing the hardware capacity

Host Multi-OS technologies

You can have multiple operating systems and multiple applications running on the same computer simultaneously.

Go Green, Go Virtual

Reducing the number of servers you use, which simply means the costs to power the servers, to cool/heat the server rooms and maintain the physical floor space is far less intensive.

Reduced TCO

Reduced hardware requirements, centralized management and effective scalability with planned and versioned strategy reduce TCO in the Datacenter investments. This also contributes to the OPEX.

Improving Business Agility

Get powerful scale-out NAS solutions for Big-Data that are simple to install, manage, and scale, at any size

Reliable Business Continuity

Guarantees a reliable automated backup during disruptions.

Success Story

A Fortune 100 company and a manufacturing giant with Engineering services operations in India has trusted Locuz to help them consolidate their Test and Development server infrastructure. This transformation has enabled them to virtualize 1000s of servers into few physical hosts, which will help them utilize the resources optimally and manage the infrastructure effectively hence improving productivity and get better TCO.

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