Big Data

At Locuz, we help the enterprise move from being a ‘data-limited’ to a ‘data-driven’ one, thereby enabling smarter, faster decisions that result in better business outcome. Leveraging our solutions around big data, enterprises can solve specific problems (allied with data volume, variety, and velocity), design build and implement enterprise-wide big data strategies, create effective roadmaps, and develop a real competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Locuz offers the broadest and most integrated portfolio of products to help enterprise acquire and organize the diverse data sources and analyze them alongside the existing data to find new insights and capitalize on hidden relationships.

Locuz provides consulting around Apache™ Hadoop® stacks with competitive advantage for organizations across industries in several key functional areas of the business including IT, marketing, security and risk, and business operations. By enabling big data applications for both operational and analytical use cases, Hadoop has been established as a cornerstone for data-driven businesses.

Data Discovery & Analytics

Deploying a Data Discovery & Analytics solution that accelerates the data to value process by bringing more employees and their tools closer to more data.

Enterprise Data Hub

Apache Hadoop provides a cost-effective enterprise data hub (EDH) to store, transform, cleanse, filter, analyse and gain new value from all kinds of data.

Security & Risk Management

Accelerate the speed of threat analysis, and improve risk assessment by building sophisticated machine learning models.

Log & Visual Analytic

Helps to choose the Hadoop architecture, build the infra using right tools and maintain the Bigdata Analytic setup.

Life Science

The Genome Sequencing Solution will enable organizations to accelerate deployment of a solution,

leveraging experience in Life Science HPC Solutions and proven architecture.

Internet Of Things

Using Hadoop to analyze the data collected through machines and sensors and delivery instant usable intelligence

Success Story

A leading Data Mining Service company trusted Locuz to build and manage their secured hadoop setup using cloudera. They are getting the business value of their data much faster than using other traditional methods. The organization and their client are now processing data much faster over Hadoop environment by running Impala and Hive queries over HDFS, sharing and collaborating contents real-time.

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Big Data Services

At Locuz, we help the enterprise move from being a ‘data-limited’ to a ‘data-driven’ one, thereby enabling smarter, faster decisions that results in better business outcome.


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