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Cloud security architecture is effective only if the correct defensive implementations are in place. An efficient cloud security architecture should recognize the issues that will arise with security management. The security management addresses these issues with security controls. It is generally recommended that information security controls be selected and implemented according and in proportion to the risks, typically by assessing the threats, vulnerabilities and impacts.

Secure Cloud Services provide control and visibility into private clouds and simplifies compliance. With a Secure Cloud approach, you can defend sensitive information from theft, unauthorized exposure, or unapproved geographic migration to other data centers. Organizations can now leverage the benefits of cloud computing with cloud orchestration while reducing the risk of unauthorized access there by achieving Governance while Operating in the cloud.

Governing in the Cloud

Cloud Security Architecture Design / Review

Authentication in Cloud (AD or LDAP) and Privileged Identity Management

Security Policy Design / Review

Deep Scan – Cloud Security Posture Assessment & Audit

Cloud Governance, Risk & Compliance Framework

Operating in the Cloud

OS Hardening

Cloud Security Intelligence / Analytics

Web ApplicationFirewall

Security Incident / Problem / Change Management

Data Loss Prevention (Cloud Storage & O365)

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Security Practice

We provide a layered security approach that addresses the infrastructure as a whole


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