Secure Datacenter

In this world of mobile, social, cloud, Big Data, and intelligent industries, the datacenter can no longer just be the place where an organization keeps its servers and stores its corporate data. It’s the first point of contact with the organization’s customers, so the datacenter must provide the most reliable and secure services. The datacenter is the foundation for new business models in a growing set of industries.

Today’s data centers must be optimally available, flexible, resilient, and secure, the traditional approach compromises their primary intent: robust and uninterrupted service delivery. While a reactive approach has worked with centralized, monolithic data centers of the past, it’s no longer viable. Today’s modular, hybrid, and distributed next-generation data centers remove the traditional perimeter.

Advisory Services

Analyze, Strategize and Architect DC Security through Field tested methodologies and proven frameworks by Best-in-class resources

Deployment Services

Build scalable, adaptable, easy-to-upgrade security solution. Deploy Next Generation Firewall / IPS, Anti Malware Protection, Data Loss Prevention, Threat Defense and Management Solutions

Network Security Optimization

Collect and analyze data for trends and exceptions. Review network security component placement and configuration

Assessment Services

Security Posture, Threat landscape and Risk assessment services

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Security Practice

We provide a layered security approach that addresses the infrastructure as a whole


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