VAPT Admin

LOCUZ is committed to fostering a diverse work environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We ensure Technical Advancement for Every Locuz’ite.

Your Job Includes

  • Monitor, Troubleshoot, Configure, and deliver Cyber Security, Networking, Microsoft, and VAPT Services.
  • Work closely with our Clients in providing a Secured and reliable infrastructure Services
  • Work with a cross-disciplined team such as Dbase, Applications, Solution Architects, and Subject Matter Experts to optimally delivery our commitments providing end-to-end service.
  • Virtually or directly lead the team to deliver as well as participating in process of quality enhancement
  • Provide status updates, communicate issues internally, and help drive tactical decisions around setting priorities and solving issues.
  • Be a first ‘Tech. Champion’ for an early instance of a new technology Initiative.
  • Participate as a member of an extended team assuring Client Satisfaction.
  • Exhibit attention to details on service execution with a focus on quality service.
  • Work with other team members and other Technical Domain teams for self-enhancement and make future-ready for new Projects.

What we look for 

Work Experience: 2-8yrs

Certifications: Will be preferred

VAPT Admin

  • Web services Penetration Testing and web Application.
  • Code Review of Web Application Source.
  • Infra VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing)
  • Static Analysis (SAST), Dynamic Analysis (DAST), Source code Review Tools & implementation with CI/CD Pipeline and DevOps IDE.
  • DAST Scanners – Burp Suite, ZAP Proxy, Archani.
  • SAST Scanner – NodeJsScan, ESLint, Brakeman for RoR, PHP CodeSniffer, Gosec, Flawfinder, Dependency Scanner, Sonar Qube Scanner.
  • Infra Scanners – Nmap, Tenable Nessus, Qulays VA, Rapid7 etc.
  • Other Tools – SQL Map, App Scanner, Checkmarks, SCA Scanners, Accunetix, Wireshark, Metasploit, KaliLinux, OWASP top10 testing & necessary payload creation.
  • Desired: Mobile Application Penetration Testing, Source Code review, API Scanning.


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Locuz is focused on

  1. CloudOps – Our AI/ML power platform for 360 degree Cloud Operations, from Visibility to Economics.
  2. SecOps – Highly mature processes, tools and standards with Zero Trust as the foundation, our customers mean-time-to-detection is reduced to half, delivering SaaS or on-prem MDR capabilities. (SIEM/SOAR)
  3. HPCOps – As established leaders in the industry for the past 20 years, we offer comprehensive solutions of High Performance Computing, high performance storage and application parallelization.
  4. AIOps – A Business-Centric Approach to Manage Services, enabling our customers to harness the power of Intelligent Automation and Processes disrupting MTTR averages, leading to upwards of 40% savings.
  5. Insight as a service – A Business Centric Data Service, which targets to deliver insights to Business Teams from their data.

Locuz is in the forefront in delivering exceptional value to its customers by continuously innovating, automating and modernizing their environments.