Efficient CPU / GPU Cluster solutions for your enterprise business

Locuz offers a comprehensive solution & services on Peta Scale high performance computing with its decades of HPC Infra Design, Build, Optimize and Maintenance experience. The services customized around CPU, Accelerators (nVIdia GPU / Intel Phi), High Performance PFS (Lustre & GPFS), Application optimization and porting. Our industry specific solution offering spread Open Source need based customized cluster build to scalable commercial solutions from popular HPC ISVs for respective industry verticals.

Success Story

Locuz built a 300 TeraFlop Hybrid (CPU & GPU) Cluster with large capacity high thruput parallel file system for a Govt Research Lab to address the complex scientific & CFD workloads. Enabling end user to port their application on CUDA (GPU) environment and scale it optimally. Single point ownership for complete integration of HPC infrastructure and DC augmentation. 24 x 7 Support for the HPC infrastructure and application.

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