For over a decade, we have exclusively focused on delivering value to customers, helping them with their strategic IT initiatives that required technology agility in core infrastructure.

Our collective years of managing core services in technology infrastructure and the host of engineered solutions and accelerators combined with flexible delivery models, make us a unique partner for any enterprise seeking transformation to a truly Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT is an architectural approach that provides a secure and seamless framework for Enterprises to span their IT across internal and public cloud resources. Hybrid IT needs a Software-Defined stack that provides a single pane of management across IT instances, whether on-premise or in the cloud. With Hybrid IT, the boundaries of the Enterprise Datacenter get extended into the public cloud by a well-architected and plumbed solution stack that is API and Micro-services driven to integrate external service providers.

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Platform Services

Platforms are uniquely build Industry relevant offerings that enable you to deploy Business ready services.

Big Data and HPC

At Locuz, we help the enterprise move from being a ‘data-limited’ to a ‘data-driven’ one, thereby enabling smarter, faster decisions that result in better business outcome.

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Locuz IoT framework for AWS is a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices.

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DevOps is not just about set of tools, it’s a process. It is more than just collaboration. It ranks great products and great customer experiences over complex processes and guarded product development.

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Locuz Enterprise Mobility framework is a comprehensive mobility management solution that centrally manages and secures an enterprise’s connected mobile endpoints, apps and content.

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Cloud Simplified

ClouTor provides an integrated software solution for extending existing IT infrastructure investments into a highly scalable, on – premise cloud computing environment.

Because it focuses on removing the complexity of cloud infrastructure by integrating all of the key components, customers realize instant efficiencies and without the overhead of integration, professional services, and complex deployment schedules.
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Programmable Infrastructure

A fully automated, responsive and on-demand Data Centre Services; built with OpenStack, and other open source software components.

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