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Cloud Competencies


With years of domain knowledge and expertise, we can help you navigate through the pitfalls and help you realize the full potential of cloud adoption. We can help you put together .....
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Managed Services

We understand that customers are increasingly demanding the flexibility that best serves their requirements. Cloud management demands robust processes and 24x7 attention to ensure .....
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In today’s global environment, organizations need to be highly competitive to strive for better outcomes. Whether it’s improved financial performance, shorter product d.....
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Storage & DR

Cloud Storage is a critical component of cloud computing, holding the information used by applications. Big data analytics, data warehouses, Internet of Things, databases, and back.....
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Cloud provides a set of flexible services designed to enable companies to more rapidly and reliably build and deliver products using DevOps practices. These services simplify provi.....
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Microsoft workloads on Cloud

We help you build, deploy, scale, and manage Microsoft applications quickly, easily, more securely, and more cost-effectively. It offers a broad set of global compute, databas.....
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Convergence is not just in our Logo. Convergence is our Credo!

Cloud, Big Data and HPC are converging faster than ever and we are the one GO TO team that has deep understanding of such convergence, enabling your Digital journey.

Solution Accelerators

Enterprise Data-as-a-Service.

Managed Services offering – One click DR, Data Protection, & Data Virtualization.

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Hybrid IT Orchestrator.

The most modern way to manage, optimize, and economize workloads on-premise and on AWS/Azure

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Super Computing Simplified.

Portal that makes it easier for users to build large and complex clusters & run applications

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The Security Threat Continuum

A New Model for the New Threat Dynamics: Pre, During, and Post

Most security tools today focus on visibility and blocking at the point of entry in order to protect systems. However, the proliferation of threats far outpaces these network defence tactics, and the subsequent gap can never fully be closed. No new technology will adequately address this security dynamic. Instead, a new criterion is required: a defence model that detects, mitigates and remediates pre, during, and post an attack.

Security methods must focus on both detection and the ability to mitigate the impact after an attacker gets in. We look at your security model holistically and gain visibility and control not just at the endpoints but across the extended network and the entire attack continuum before an attack happens, during the time it’s in progress, and after it has damaged systems or stolen information.

  • Pre
  • During
  • Post

Identify what’s on the extended network to implement policies and controls to defend it.

  • Advisory & Discovery
  • Baselining
  • Threat Anticipation & Hunting

Detect and block threats and malware continuously.

  • Threat Detection & Remediation
  • Breach Management
  • Response Orchestration

Reduce the impact of an attack by identifying point of entry, determining the scope, containing the threat, eliminating the risk of reinfection, and remediation.

  • Security Event Monitoring & Management
  • Security Analytics & Intelligence
  • Vulnerability Management

DevSecOps at Speed

DevOps has become an increasingly popular technique for shepherding software from the design phase through development and testing, and then all the way into production.

At Locuz, our DevOps methodology helps integrate with customer’s IT & App teams and processes to enable CI & CD. We also help our customers with developing a DevOps process framework, build a DevOps tool platform and manage it 24/7 with flexible model and SLA’s.

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