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Locuz Enterprise Solutions announced the launch of its newest service offering, ‘Conquo’ today

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newest service offering, ‘Conquo’ today. Conquo is a data protection & data virtualization solution for enterprises looking for a data protection solution. It provides unparalleled data protection, disaster recovery, & data virtualization services; thereby dramatically speeding up data access for application recovery, testing, development & more.

While IT infrastructure has become an overly expensive, capital-hogging utility, business applications are more strategic than ever, making it practically impossible to remove your strategic applications from the commoditized infrastructure. Conquo, as a solution, is the highly scalable copy data management (CDM) platform that virtualizes application data to improve the resiliency, agility, and cloud mobility of your business. Conquo also enables securing your data & removing it from the siloes of old storage architectures that takes too long to access, and costs too much to store and protect.

Conquo delivers Data-as-a-Service to enterprises helping them to

  • Automate Disaster Recovery for instant failover and failback
  • Migrate applications from one public cloud to another
  • Provision hundreds of virtual database clones in minutes
  • Accelerate application delivery by 3x
  • Seamlessly migrate applications to public cloud
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