Why Locuz

We boast of a team from multiple regions, cultures, languages, and thought processes who are duly nurtured, upskilled 360-degree to help build a unique foundation behind our extraordinary ambitions. We search for the leaders of tomorrow, down from the fundamentals, and you can be one.

We foresee the road ahead to be one filled with greater ambitions and unique opportunities in our effort to keep transforming the enterprise world. We see bright young talents like you at the heart of such a change, driving transformations initiatives across technology, business development, customer relationship management, service delivery, and more. We are just starting on our path.

Come be a part of the transformation!

The Locuz Culture

Life at Locuz is full of excitement, possibilities, and discoveries every day. We embrace a uniquely diverse yet inclusive culture. Our balanced team represents the most dynamic age groups, led by proactive young leaders and industry veterans.

Our culture is the basis of our success. We are people oriented, and believe we not just transform businesses, but we touch lives, and strive towards making a difference for our employees, stakeholders, customers, and partners alike. We encourage experimentation and learning in all its many forms and believe that one should never be afraid of making mistakes. It is our resolve to provide a challenging platform for young professionals for them to excel. We believe challenging young minds is the best way to help them grow.


Locuz is a Security led digital transformation company with its Innovation & Engineering headquarters in Hyderabad, India. We also our branch offices spread across all major cities in India like Bangalore, Pune, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. We also have our global offices in Singapore & US.

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Locuz is a Security led digital transformation company with it`s Innovation & Engineering headquarters in Hyderabad, India. Our lineage has been building some of the largest and most complex systems across the globe which were not just technology projects, but touched people. Be it setting up complete infrastructure for the Moon Mission or building a Tsunami warning system or be it one of the largest Axle Manufacturer and their 800+ workloads moved to the cloud, We have dealt with business problems of different scales. Cyber Security has been a big part of solving these problems and hence it became part of our DNA and is fundamental to all our solutions.

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Leadership Testimonials

Locuz is in the forefront in delivering exceptional value to its customers by continuously innovating, automating and modernizing their environments.

Vijay Wadhi

- Board Member

20 years and more to count because of people that took responsibility, believed in mutuality and made best of freedom.

Uttam Majumdar

- Founder & President Locuz

A culture that thrives on relentless innovation, abundant learning, employee recognition, inclusiveness and the zeal to stand out in every sphere of business. That’s Locuz for you…

Arifuddin Mohammad

- Director (Sales) at Locuz

Locuz Offers a perfect environment to learn, grow and prosper. Absolutely transparent culture giving ample freedom to express yourself. Locuz is a company with a BIG HEART and an unmatchable DNA to succeed

Safalya Mitra

- VP Professional Services






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We believe that a modern organization needs to leverage the new toolbox which constitutes of Automation, AI, ML, Analytics, Data, Cloud and DevOps. Security is fundamental to all of those tools and is the underpinning of every solutions. We have continuously focused on building assets which reduce the time to market and enable Innovation. Our platforms like ClouTor, CONQUO and GANANA are pushing the envelope when it comes to CloudOps, Data & Virtualization and High Performance Computing, please do let us know by contacting us on hr@locuz.com.