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Service Catalog

Cloud services catalogs are a centralized resource to both discover and leverage private or public cloud services. To have a robust Cloud Service Catalog we have ensured that we take a 360-degree view of what are the services that can help you leverage the cloud to its full potential. Our Cloud Service Catalog allows you to discover and access cloud services; such as storage, compute, and business services, which can be self- or auto-provisioned with ease and on-demand.

Therefore, every single customer engagement of ours has a custom Service Catalog that entails all the core tenets of the environment. It is done through a methodology that over the years has matured; thereby offering a distinct advantage to our customers in accelerating efforts and simplifying practices in the overall Cloud Architecture. Our methodology for Cloud Service Catalog includes – Capturing requirements like service assets, Analysing them (for the business case, capabilities, security, governance, use cases, limitations, etc), Template creation for cloud services, Workflow and self-service portal, Feedback incorporation, and with multiple iterations moving to Finalization.

Service Catalog

Service Assets Snapshot

List and categorize existing services within enterprise systems on-prem as well as on the cloud.

Assess & Analyze Assets

Analyze the assets for business case, their capabilities, security, governance, use case and limitations.

Template Creation

Templates for the service or application architectures ensuring reliable provisioning along with simplified management.


Defining robust self-service operational workflows for easier cloud usage.

Case Reference

Helped build a One-Click Emergency Notifier to “Call an Ambulance” at your fingertips and save a life! It’s an App-based Actionable emergency tracker service (Microservices based Architecture) built on a Robust, Optimized & Secure AWS Infrastructure. The Application was migrated seamlessly from a hosted collocated platform to AWS in phases and is managed 24/7.

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