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Mobile Security

Securing Mobile Assets and Applications

Mobility is no longer a trend – it’s how business gets done. With employees using multiple mobile devices and the availability of thousands of mobile apps, employees can work whenever and wherever they choose. This also means IT now has the dual challenge of supporting mobile productivity and protecting corporate data.

BYOD significantly impacts the traditional security model of protecting the perimeter of the IT organization by blurring the definition of that perimeter, both in terms of physical location and in asset ownership. Weaddress these challenges with integrated MDM,MAM, and Threat Protection capabilities.

We help with the solutions around mobility which helps managing apps and devices using granular, policy-based controls and deploying industry best mobile threat protection, customers can proactively enable mobile productivity without compromising security.

Enforcing Policies

Protecting the networks by enforcing policies. Central policy control, visibility, troubleshooting, and integration.

Connected Mobile Experience

Greater Guest Experience. Right information at the Right time

Guest provisioning

Simplify Guest experiences. Easier guest on-boarding and administration. All-new streamlined experience for enabling and customizing guest network access


IntegrateIdentity and Access Management, Mobile device and Application Management solutions

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