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Security Analytics & Intelligence

Today's IT landscape is one without boundaries with new threats emerging constantly. Perhaps while you are reading this, there are perpetrators trying to breach your company’s defenses. The questions each organization needs to ask themselves is, “Do we have the visibility to stop them?” Businesses today needs to leverage analytics more than ever to gain insight into data and the security threats lurking within.

With Digital Transformation happening across, attackers are also arming themselves with increasingly powerful tools in their effort to breach organizations. At such times, your business needs greater visibility into its systems and assets in order to repel these attacks and protect yourselves.

This visibility can be attained by harnessing the data that floods into your network via applications, devices, and endpoints across the company and in the cloud. To build successful security analytics, your business must consolidate and correlate its data to spot threats and mitigate them.

We can help you to build a comprehensive Security Analytics and Intelligence platform that helps you identify high-risk threats with real-time correlation, detect behavioral anomaly, manage risks, abilty to do broad and deep investigation, as well as enrich security analysis with the threat intelligence framework.

Security Analytics & Intelligence

Risk Based Analytics

Risk scoring frameworks. KSI/KPI aligning with your security priorities. Deeper insights.

Visualize & Discover Relationships

Visually fuse data, context, and threat- intel across the stack. Pre-build corelations, alerts and dashboards. Workflow actions and automations.

Threat Intelligence

Automatically apply threat intelligence from any number of providers. Conduct historical analysis.

Case Reference

One of the Leading Global Insurance Companies, trusts us for building their Security Analytics and threat intelligence framework that helps them identify high- risk threats with real-time correlation, manage risks, enabling them with adaptive response fuelled by analytics driven decisions and automation.

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