Helping you build a scalable DevSecOps Platform

DevSecOps as a business-requirement driven software delivery approach, takes a new or existing business capability from the ideation stage all the way to production, while providing business value to end customers and at the same time capturing customer feedback while they engage with the capability. This is when you must realize that you as a business need a partner, who can work with you to understand your needs, your existing capabilities, and then design a solution that fits you perfectly and yet is scalable.

Our DevSecOps methodology helps integrate with customer’s internal IT/App teams and processes to enable Continuous Integration (CI) as well as Continuous Delivery (CD). We help customers with developing a DevSecOps process framework, build a DevSecOps tool platform (even using Open Ecosystem) and manage it 24/7 with flexible model and SLA’s.


For DevSecOps, you may have tools On-Prem and on cloud and may have a way to keep the pipeline working effectively, but if you think there are gaps that do not meet the agility goals, you may want to consider getting a pipeline on cloud with our model for integrated and tested tools. The tool set tested and the approach to managing the pipeline on AWS/Azure is redefining the way DevSecOps can be achieved with agility. One such reference architecture as an illustration is in the figure below.

Sample DevSecOps Pipeline Management

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