As the marketplace transforms, enterprises are undergoing a radical shift in the way they create value and competitive edge. Cloud Services is an emerging approach to shared infrastructure in which large pools of systems are linked together in private and public networks to provide IT services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a recognized leader in Gartner’s cloud solutions magic quadrant and we understand the opportunities and the challenges associated with the cloud. As Advanced AWS – Consulting Partners, Locuz Cloud Capabilities have mastered the language of the Cloud to help customers of all sizes, workloads, and applications with AWS solutions. Our Cloud IPs, solutions, services and skilled resources provide the best AWS solutions for your environment

AWS Consulting Partner: Locuz Capabilities on AWS

AWS Migration

Locuz AWS Capabilities

Case Reference

Helped build a One Click Emergency Notifier to “Call an Ambulance” at your finger-tips and save a life! It’s an App based Actionable emergency tracker service (Microservices based Architecture) built on a Robust, Optimized & Secure AWS Infrastructure which is managed 24/7.

AWS Migration

Cloud Migration Services

With our Cloud Capabiltiies clients evaluate which applications should be moved to the cloud, and when, by providing a practical roadmap and scalable methodologies for moving large legacy application portfolios to AWS. For selected workloads, we will install, migrate, configure, integrate & enable IT to run the applications in the AWS Cloud.

AWS Migration Customer Journey

Approach & Methodology

Engineering Experience

Innovative Engagement Models

  • Co-create model
  • Timeline and Scope based

Centre of Excellence

  • Deep Domain Knowledge
  • Architecture specialists


  • State-of-the-Art ODC facility in Hyderabad
  • 24/7 Operations
  • COE’s and Technical Training Center

Cost effective Service Provider

  • Reduce Risk and Operational Cost

AWS Migration 6R Approach


  • Client will keep host / application in their source environment
  • Minimal analysis / validation of scope and application dependencies
  • Dependency on integrating service management


  • Application and host decommission at source
  • No migration to target


  • Like for Like application migration to target cloud
  • Minimal effort to make the application work on the target cloud infrastructure (minimal application layout change)
  • Storage migration will be needed (without conversion)
  • UAT - Some level of application testing


  • Application will be replaced, potentially to new cloud-native application or SaaS platform
  • Storage migration may be needed


  • Up-Version of the OS and/or Database onto the target cloud
  • Storage migration will be needed (without conversion)
  • Some level of application changes
  • Application reinstallation on the target
  • UAT is highly recommended


  • OS and/or Database porting
  • Middleware and application change to cloud service offering
  • Data conversion; Database transition to MySQL, Aurora, etc.
  • Application architecture changes may also require Up-Version or Porting
  • UAT required; HPC Grid, No ITIL


Demand for HPC continues to grow, driven in large part by ever-increasing demands for more accurate and faster simulations, for greater insights into ever-larger datasets, and to meet new regulatory requirements, whether for increased safety or for reduced financial risk.

The growing demand for HPC, and the time and expense required to deploy and manage physical HPC infrastructures, have led many HPC users to consider using AWS, either to augment their existing HPC infrastructure or to entirely replace it. There is a growing awareness among HPC support organizations – public and private - that cloud provides near-instant access to computing resources for a new and broader community of HPC users, and for entirely new types of grid and cluster applications.

IP & Innovation Led: Ganana Cluster Manager & Ganana Job Submission Portal shortens end users learning curve to run HPC jobs on cloud or on-prem.

Recognized Leaders: Recognized by Global Corporations in HPC with more than 200 Deployments.

Unique Methodology: Provision a complete HPC environment (on-prem or Cloud) for the entire lifecycle of HPC Infra and application.

Across Verticals & Workloads: Acknowledged strengths in Defence, Life-Science, Energy (O&G), Scientific Research, Auto & Engineering, Pharma & BFSI.

Containers: Use container technology for faster and agile application provisioning.

Automation: Effectively use Cloud and Automation to speed up HPC clusters (CPU/GPU), Storage & Network provisioning.

Data Analytics & ML

At Locuz, we help enterprises move from being a ‘data-limited to a ‘data-driven one, thereby enabling smarter, faster decisions that result in better business outcomes. Leveraging our solutions around big data, enterprises can solve specific problems (allied with data volume, variety, and velocity), design, build and implement enterprise-wide big data strategies, create effective roadmaps, and develop a real competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Locuz offers the broadest and most integrated portfolio of products to help enterprises acquire and organize diverse data sources and analyze them alongside the existing data to find new insights and capitalize on hidden relationships.

Data Lake and Analytics Framework

Data Lake and Analytics Framework

DevOps on AWS

AWS provides a set of flexible services designed to enable companies to more rapidly and reliably build and deliver products using AWS and DevOps practices. These services simplify provisioning and managing infrastructure, deploying application code, automating software release processes, and monitoring your application and infrastructure performance. The AWS Developer Tools help you securely store and version your application's source code and automatically build, test, and deploy your application to AWS or your on-premises environment.

Start with AWS CodePipeline to build a continuous integration or continuous delivery workflow that uses AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, and other tools, or use each service separately.


Why AWS for DevOps?

Get Started Fast: Each AWS service is ready to use if you have an AWS account. There is no setup required or software to install.

Fully Managed Services: These services can help you take advantage of AWS resources quicker. You can worry less about setting up, installing, and operating infrastructure on your own. This lets you focus on your core product.

Built for Scale: You can manage a single instance or scale to thousands using AWS services. These services help you make the most of flexible compute resources by simplifying provisioning, configuration, and scaling.

Automation: AWS helps you use automation so you can build faster and more efficiently. Using AWS services, you can automate manual tasks or processes such as deployments, development & test workflows, container management, and configuration management.

Secure: Use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to set user permissions and policies. This gives you granular control over who can access your resources and how they access those resources.

Pay-As-You-Go: With AWS purchase services as you need them and only for the period when you plan to use them. AWS pricing has no upfront fees, termination penalties, or long term contracts. The AWS Free Tier helps you get started with AWS. Visit the pricing pages of each service to learn more.

Cloud Security on AWS

60% of enterprises that implement appropriate cloud visibility and control tools will experience one-third fewer security failures. - Gartner Despite years of cloud maturity and examples of highly sensitive and regulated workloads, security remains one of the top reasons companies don’t move specific workloads to the cloud, especially in highly regulated industries. For some, however, cloud security continues to remain largely misunderstood—and certainly underestimated. The security provided by major cloud providers is as good as or better than most enterprise data centers, so this concern should no longer be considered a legitimate road-block to cloud adoption.

AWS Cloud Security & Governance

Azure Cloud Security


Ensuring reliability and availability of your SAP applications

Why CIOs Are Migrating Their SAP Environments to AWS?

During the past few years, SAP has focused on the cloud versions of its core products, especially S/4HANA. Meanwhile, public cloud providers are continuously innovating to build more scalable, reliable, and secure services. Vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) have invested heavily in SAP as demonstrated by the wide and ever-expanding choices of SAP-certified compute instances that can accommodate even the most demanding compute needs.

Let’s looks at the three main drivers that would prompt you to migrate your SAP environment to the public cloud:
1. The role of the IT leader changing
2. Legacy technology creating more risks
3. The public cloud speeding up innovation and agility
As your partner we recognize each of these needs & can help you mitigate these challenges with ease by easing out your SAP environment migration.

Managed AWS Cloud Services For SAP


  • Optimizing & Enhancing solutions to meet business needs
  • Lowering total cost of ownership through accelerators, best practices, tools and expert advise
  • Identifying and Implementing business process improvements


  • Resource and Capacity analysis
  • Network Configuration
  • Security Configuration
  • Compute and Storage Configuration
  • Automation Services


  • Flexibility in increasing database as and when required
  • Balancing cost, risk, and compliance while managing Data
  • Ensuring data consistency across the organization
  • Identifying and Enabling Data monetization opportunities
  • Uninterrupted business operations

Managed Services

  • 24X7 Monitoring of Cloud Metrics
  • Continuous Cost and Performance Optimization
  • Security best Practices recommendations
  • Trouble Shooting of issues around App, DB and Infra


  • Helps in integrating other cloud applications seamlessly. Eg., Successfactors, Ariba, Hybris etc., cloud based applications
  • Helps in integrating non cloud applications with SAP on AWS
  • End-to-end support to plan, prepare and manage hybrid data environments
  • Ensure data consistency across the organization


VMware Cloud on AWS offers organizations a faster, easier, and cost-effective path to hybrid cloud while allowing you to modernize applications. VMware Cloud on AWS is an integrated cloud offering jointly developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware. You can deliver a highly scalable and secure service by migrating and extending your on-premises VMware vSphere-based environments to the AWS Cloud running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

Why VMware Cloud on AWS?

With the same architecture and operational experience on-premises and in the cloud, quickly derive business value from the VMware and AWS hybrid cloud experience.

Simplify cloud migration of any scale

Migrate thousands of virtual machines, live, without retrofit – from individual apps to entire data centres.

Eliminate rework tax and reduce risk

Leverage consistent infrastructure and operations to integrate the public cloud with your existing investments.

Modernize your apps

Leverage cloud-scale infrastructure and services to extend the value of your enterprise apps.

AWS Managed Services

We understand that customers are increasingly demanding the flexibility that best serves their requirements. Cloud management demands robust processes and 24x7 attention to ensure consistent application and infrastructure performance. We offer a broad portfolio of services required to manage complex & critical Hybrid IT/Cloud infrastructure environments more efficiently, ensuring that it fits the requirements of the business and has the flexibility to evolve as your business needs change.

We enable our customers in their AWS journey, provide them with complete Lifecycle Services which include: Architecting & Advisory Services, AWS Readiness Assessment Services, Proof of Concepts, Migration Services, and Sustenance & Expense Management services. Our customers that have their workloads migrated on AWS, are assured of 24X7 operations and sustenance support by a team of certified engineers who have a deep understanding of native AWS & third party Automation tools from our Cloud NOC and every single contract is bagged by SLA. Our teams also provide continuous analysis to optimize performance, to provide secure access, & to economize consumption on AWS.

Locuz Managed Services Advantage

Solution Accelators - Conquo Snap

Conquo Snap is a simple, scalable, cost-effective way to grow your instance & data backup in the cloud with total peace-of-mind. It’s a SaaS tool to manage snapshot of AWS EC2 & EBS volumes and a snapshot cost optimization tool.

As your infrastructure grows, it gets harder to keep an eye on all the moving parts and to come up with a good cloud management strategy. A tool like Conquo Snap gives you the visibility, control and recommendations you need to optimize your AWS spending.

You do not need to be a backup expert for using Conquo Snap or need a backup administrator to maintain it. It is a wizard based DIY tool and manageable all from one single console.

Case Reference

A secured consolidated VDI setup with DLP built on GCP for the developers from different geographies for quick desktop provision, faster communication between clients & server, prevent any code upload/download, secure mobility, central monitor/manageability & backup of entire Dev & Test infra and better TCO. The production applications deployed in GCP Cloud with end-to-end availability.

Case Studies


Locuz provides end- to- end services like AWS cloud migration, deployment and managed AWS server and AWS cloud consulting services. As AWS advanced Partner, we can help you in effortlessly migrate your business-critical applications to the cloud. With our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Services, we know your requirements, we will deliver solutions that fit your business objectives and more importantly expose areas of risk and the mitigating processes required to reduce or eliminate them. Our AWS certified solution architects assist you to develop and execute Amazon Cloud Migration strategy that optimizes your applications. Our experience will help you seamlessly migrate any part of your applications, computing and storage operations to the Amazon Cloud from the existing infrastructure.

AWS Cloud Consultancy Services successfully craft roadmap and strategy to build value in AWS Cloud by:

  • Aligning AWS Cloud strategy with business strategy
  • Designing, building, and managing Amazon cloud infrastructure.
  • Conducting ROI/TCO analysis
  • Identifying the most efficient ways to provision and manage AWS Cloud resources
  • Mapping application dependencies
  • Describing best practices, finding tools and frameworks for detailed Amazon cloud roadmap