ClouTor: Hybrid IT Orchestrator

ClouTor; the most modern way to manage, optimize, and economize workloads On-premise and on AWS/Azure, with just a few clicks.

The explosive growth in the data center; on-prem or cloud, is creating new opportunities to improve IT utilization for enterprises. At the same time business users are demanding increased flexibility in provisioning, accessing, and managing IT systems.

Setting up an On-premise private cloud or hybrid cloud gives end-users the flexibility they demand, while at the same time offering the potential for far greater utilization within the data center.

ClouTor provides an integrated software solution for extending existing hybrid IT infrastructure investments into a highly scalable, On-premise, or cloud computing environment. Because it focuses on removing the complexity of cloud infrastructure by integrating all of the key components, customers realize instant efficiencies and without the overhead of integration, professional services, and complex deployment schedules.


One comprehensive solution for hybrid clouds

Hyper-visor agnostic

Extreme Scalability

Org Visibility (Unified Dashboard)

Virtual Data center deployment

End user self-administration

Service offering management

Service Catalog


Hybrid IT orchestration simplified

Extreme Scalability - Scale beyond thousands of hosts

Integrate Big Data & DevOps ‚Äď Ready frameworks methodologies

Enterprise IT Integration - Integrate with AD /LDAP & Helpdesk system

Usage Metering - Bill based on Resource usage

Secure Multi-Tenancy - Host Geography/Biz/ Project-wise Tenants

Rapid Infra & App Provisioning - Provision several hundred VMs in minutes

Case Reference

Locuz built the Secure Multi-tenant IaaS Cloud (in a Service provider model) for a federal institution which provides on-demand resources to various other State Govt departments in India. The Cloud provides for automated Self Service, Offering management and Chargeback. This is a major transformation initiative and Locuz was chosen as the partner for design, implementation and management of the entire IT infrastructure on a turn-key basis