Solution Accelerators

Conquo: Modernize your Data Management Platform

The world is changing fast. Businesses need new capabilities to keep up, new software to create competitive advantage. To build it, they're moving to the cloud- private, public, or hybrid. These architectures accelerate business agility while reducing the cost of building, running, and protecting applications.

Conquo as a Solution Accelerator is a highly scalable copy data management platform that virtualizes application data to improve the resiliency, agility, and cloud mobility of your business...

ClouTor: Hybrid IT Orchestrator

The explosive growth in the data center; on-prem or cloud, is creating new opportunities to improve IT utilization for enterprises. At the same time, business users are demanding increased flexibility in provisioning, accessing, and managing IT systems.

Setting up an On-premise private cloud or hybrid cloud gives end-users the flexibility they demand, while at the same time offering the potential for far greater utilization within the data center...

Ganana: Super Computing Simplified!

Ganana HPC App Portal makes it easier for users to run HPC applications without programming and for administrators to better manage their clusters. The web-based Portal is available as a flexible, application-centric platform for users and administrators to interact with their HPC clusters or grid naturally and powerfully.

By standardizing access & use of the HPC applications, Ganana Portal makes it easier for HPC administrators to enforce site policies and minimize user support costs...