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Security Event Monitoring & Management


Detecting and protecting information systems from today’s advanced, constant threats requires a comprehensive understanding of how different information security silos relate to each other. By deploying security event monitoring and management solutions (delivered through a SOC) for hybrid IT infrastructure which can include on-prem as well as any cloud platform, you can detect the attacks as fast as possible. Not just that they can also block or stop such attacks and provide in detailed information to re-build an attack.

This is done by collecting, correlating, and analyzing extensive series of data. It provides you with an analysis of possibilities of security risks to your environment and enables organizations to detect, respond and prevent threats by providing valuable context and visual insights to help you make faster and smarter security decisions. The Solution also delivers advanced threat analysis, comprehensive information security reporting, and an intelligent security search. By utilizing a broad range of information logs and other events generated by hosts, devices, applications and databases, network flow data, and known vulnerabilities, it provides deep visibility and analytics to address the most demanding security and compliance requirements.


Case Reference

One of the Leading General Insurance Companies, trusts us for continuously monitoring & managing their Security Incidents & Events. We enable them to detect, respond and prevent threats which has considerably enhanced their Security Posture while gaining operational visibility, investigative capabilities and achieve compliance to meet IRDA Regulations.

How Intelligent is your Security Platform?

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Security Analytics & Intelligence


Today's IT landscape is one without boundaries with new threats emerging constantly. Perhaps while you are reading this, there are perpetrators trying to breach your company’s defenses. The questions each organization needs to ask themselves is, “Do we have the visibility to stop them?” Businesses today need to leverage analytics more than ever to gain insight into data and the security threats lurking within.

With Digital Transformation happening across, attackers are also arming themselves with increasingly powerful tools in their effort to breach organizations. At such times, your business needs greater visibility into its systems and assets in order to repel these attacks and protect itself.

This visibility can be attained by harnessing the data that floods into your network via applications, devices, and endpoints across the company and in the cloud. To build successful security analytics, your business must consolidate and correlate its data to spot threats and mitigate them.

We can help you to build a comprehensive Security Analytics and Intelligence platform that helps you identify high-risk threats with real-time correlation, detect behavioral anomalies, manage risks, ability to do broad and deep investigation, as well as enrich security analysis with the threat intelligence framework.

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Case Reference

One of the Leading Global Insurance Companies, trusts us for building their Security Analytics and threat intelligence framework that helps them identify high- risk threats with real-time correlation, manage risks, enabling them with adaptive response fuelled by analytics driven decisions and automation.

A chain is as strong as its weakest link! How vulnerable is your system?

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Vulnerability Management


Today with the rapid sophistication of IT Infrastructure the way in which your defense walls get broken is also getting more and more sophisticated. So, organizations are bound to use Vulnerability Management as a preemptive measure to defend themselves against these threats. Vulnerability Management can be looked like the practice of identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities.

The effectiveness of vulnerability management depends on the organization’s ability to keep up with current security threats and trends. Today’s application security threatscape is constantly evolving and, as a result, organizations need to be proactive in their vulnerability management efforts.

Our ability to track vulnerability data across hosts and time lets you use reports interactively to better understand the security of your network. We do a systematic check for known vulnerabilities, the pursuit of potential security risks, and also identify the accurate picture of the risks, weaknesses, information leaks, and liability. We also follow a complete, established, and highly effective methodology to help organizations across various verticals address the vulnerabilities and improve their security posture.


Case Reference

One of the world’s largest Generic Pharmaceutical companies trusted us for conducting an organization wide Network Security & Risk Assessment program. This included a holistic Security Posture assessment, Gap Analysis study & Security Advisory Services for developing a roadmap for Security transformation program. This helped them enhance the Security Controls and build a tight Risk Mitigation Plan

Identity on the Go!

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With the growth of e-business, organizations are wrestling with the challenge of managing secure access to information and applications scattered across the IT landscape; on-prem or cloud. In addition, they have to provide access to a growing number of users, both inside and outside the organization, without diminishing security or exposing sensitive information. The management of multiple versions of user identities across multiple applications makes the task even more daunting.

Identity and Access Management Solutions effectively address the challenges of today’s fragmented identity landscape. Using our competencies in the varied identity management and governance tools, to build solutions that offer seamless access to resources, maintain user information integrity and confidentiality.

Managing and protecting privileged credentials is essentials to reducing risks and addressing compliance requirements. PAM delivers next-generation solutions for privileged credential management that drive IT risk reduction and improved operations efficiency and protect an organization’s investment by supporting traditional virtualized and hybrid cloud infrastructure alike.

We offer end-to-end services from control objective setting from monitoring to governance and risk management. Our comprehensive approach leverages the services and technology that have gained Locuz recognition as a security solutions thought leader.


Case Reference

We deployed IDAM and SSO implementation for across more than 20K users spread across 100+ locations for a leading global Insurance company. We also brought in control, visibility and accountability of privileged users across 500+ target systems by providing a comprehensive PAM solution.

Get Rapid Incident Response for your Enterprise

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Our Incident response services help you address a suspected data breach rapidly


Incident response services are designed to assist in the remediation efforts following a cyberattack or similar damaging ordeal within a company’s IT infrastructure. In the event of a data breach, virus, or other incident that compromises company data and devices, incident response providers offer solutions to determine the causes, recover lost information, and reduce future vulnerabilities, among other services.

When you discover a security breach, you need to determine—in short order—exactly what happened, how it happened, the scope and impact of the compromise, and the steps you need to take to contain and remediate it. In short, it is the art of clean-up and recovery when you discover a cybersecurity breach.


Why Choose Security Incident Response with locuz:

Our Security Incident Response services help you minimize the impact of any incident that may have impacted your enterprise. Our experts bring together industry-leading experience, expertise to help you quickly get your arms around a breach to triage, contain and remediate the breach.

24X7X365 Incident Response: Get rapid access to incident response experts when you suspect a data breach or cyber-attack. We quickly investigate and assess the scope and nature of the incident, and deploy our IR team on containment and remediation activities.
Forensic Investigation & Remediation: Leverage our proven processes and specialized technologies to accelerate incident response, forensic investigation, and remediation.
Across Industry Experience: Tap our experience working across industry verticals and our knowledge of the various industry and regulatory compliance requirements. Work with a trusted incident response team that’s repeatedly demonstrated its capabilities in the most demanding business environments.

Benefits of Incident Response with locuz:

Develop an effective breach remediation plan based on a definitive analysis of the nature and scope of the breach.
Eliminate threats and prevent cyber attackers from maintaining an untiring presence on your network.
Limit the impact of a cyber-attack with a swift, sure cyber incident response service.
Get access to a team of expert cybersecurity analysts and incident responders when you need them most.

Security Incident Response is a part of our Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR). Managed Detection & Response is an advanced managed service security offering that provides the entire lifecycle of a threat, starting with Intel on threat to threat hunting to security events monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response. Although it is important to limit the financial, operational, and reputational impact of a cyber breach, what’s also important is to be proactive while dealing with Cyber Security issues. So, get fully professional and cost-effective protection with our MDR services that give you protection on each step to make your enterprise more secure.


Can you demonstrate continuous compliance?

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Continuous Compliance


Today, a growing number of organizations are subject to industry, government, and regulatory standards. These regulations were born out of a genuine need to protect valuable applications and data, and to ensure continuity of service. Enterprise need automated assessment of security and compliance controls in order to demonstrate a repeatable and trackable process to auditors and stakeholders.

Preparing for compliance audits is a painstaking, labor-intensive activity. By the time an issue is found through an audit and is remedied, the threat may have gone unaddressed for months. Continuous risk visibility, automated assessment, and prescriptive remediation guidance enable teams to remediate risk faster, reducing cyberattack surface, improving security posture, and lowering the risk of breach. Only an automated solution can monitor every change, check it for compliance, and alert to violations. An automated solution is an essential component of a successful continuous compliance initiative. We Implement and automate robust cybersecurity, compliance, and risk management-based programs using standards, regulations, and guidelines including NIST CSF, NIST 800-171, CIS, ISO, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and DISA STIG complementing existing processes and programs. It includes -

  • Measure and report on compliance
  • Create regular measurement and reporting of progress and issues
  • Inform and prioritize program improvements
  • Record progress toward achieving strategic goals and compliance with requirements
  • Drive continuous improvement of the information security program
  • Minimize the potential for recurrence of systemic issues
  • Optimize consistency and efficiency of security implementations
  • Inform modifications to risk analyses and risk mitigations