Renewable Energy

Supercharging Renewable Energy companies with Data Modernization while you are redefining energy generation

Locuz is a preferred Data-led digital partner in the Energy sector. Our expertise lies in guiding you towards sustainable growth with efficient, innovative, and sustainable solutions. Equipped with an in-depth understanding of the industry’s challenges, we possess the expertise and capability to support you.

Our record includes successful modernization of operations, business models, and customer services, all geared toward ushering in a digital, secure, and low-carbon future for all.

At Locuz, we take pride in our commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the energy sector. To achieve this, we consistently invest in innovative ideas and innovative solutions, ensuring that our clients stay at the forefront of advancements in the sector.

Where Locuz is helping the Energy Sector

Solar – Real time monitoring of Solar Panels, Inverters, Meters, SCB-SMBs, and advanced analytics.

Wind – Intelligent wind asset monitoring and efficiency management, along with real-time production forecast and alerts, advance interactive plant performance analysis.

Battery Energy Systems/Battery Storage – Real-time monitoring and purpose-built analytics for prolonged battery lifespan.

Hydro – Optimizing operations of hydropower to help in decisions about release / storage of water in reservoirs, maximizing energy generation during peak demand periods.

Green Hydrogen – Collecting data from electrolyzers to adjust, optimize, and increase efficiency of Green H2 production.

Data to Insights Accelerator on AWS


Our platform Data to Insights Accelerator on AWS is dramatically improving the performance of renewable assets and assisting you make predictions to fuel growth.

Our #1 goal is to save companies from spending months and months finding the right solution so that energy companies can get insights faster.

Why should you rely on this platform for your operations?

  • It cuts down the time to market by a minimum of 50%
  • One of the largest Renewables energy producers in the world is using this platform to scale its energy operations 10x
  • The platform adheres to the AWS well-architected framework
  • Platform components scale with your business
  • Pre-built stencils for semi-structured, unstructured data in near real and real-time situations
  • Conforms to data security and compliance requirements

Our solution combines state-of-the-art technologies to deliver real-time insights, predictive maintenance, and enhanced operational efficiency. By embracing this transformative approach, you can unlock unparalleled flexibility, reduce costs, and optimize your renewable energy assets to their full potential

To explore our solution further, visit our Accelerator on the AWS Marketplace

Data to Insights Managed Services

Backed by our other adjacent services like DataOps, REassetOps, SecOps and NetOps is giving our customers greater control of their future.

  • Proactive monitoring of data pipeline
  • Handling issues related to incremental data ingestion
  • Handling issues related to data transformation
  • Alerting on connectivity issues
  • Perform minor modifications to the existing dashboards
  • Monitoring availability, security, and compliance

ROCC (Remote Operations Control Center)

  • The ROCC provides a centralized dashboard that consolidates data from various sources, allowing operators to remotely monitor and manage Solar, Wind, and Storage assets from a single interface

Turbine temperature scatter chart

  • Real-time data from solar, wind, and energy storage assets is pulled into the dashboard in compliance with NERC CIP

Power Curve

  • Medium Impact requirements, providing operators with a comprehensive overview of asset performance and status

Identification of a low-performing asset

  • Apart from these we also provide managed services for Infrastructure, Data Pipe, and visualization layer to give you comprehensive visibility