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In the space of energy fossil fuels account for more than 80% of global energy production. But things are changing fast. Energy Generators & distributors are focusing on renewable sources of energy. Solar, Wind, and Hydro are picking pace. The US Canada and Mexico are building a new super grid together. India is also leading the charge in the South Asia region. Similar efforts are underway globally. We know about power-starved Europe and how usual sources of energy are struggling to keep up and there is immense need for additional energy sources, that are also sustainable. Renewable energy sources can be a boon for the planet.

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How can data insights accelerate the Power Sector?

Within the power sector, and specifically in the renewables energy space, the following use cases are of interest to the Executives shredded down to a specific KPI.

  • Improving Service reliability
  • Reducing Revenue losses and Inefficiencies
  • Being able to do better forecasting
  • Improving End customer Experience

The challenge ahead for analytics in the Renewables energy space is that today Data leaders and Executives are challenged to find the right solution starting from finding the right Architecture to what services to use to ensuring that the solution they choose scales up.

Some organizations even lack the knowledge and skills for modern AI/ML, Cloud, IoT, and data tools. Data privacy and security issues can stop any experimentation in their tracks should there be non-compliance. For business stakeholders, the time for meaningful insights is too long.

What are the Key Benefits to energy companies of pivoting to a data-driven approach?

Within the power sector, and specifically in the renewables energy space, the following use cases are of interest to the Executives shredded down to a specific KPI.

  • Increased uptime
  • Reduction in energy generation wastage
  • Real-time view in energy generation

Aware of each of these challenges we at Locuz built a data-driven approach for one of the fastest-growing Renewables energy producers and distributors Greenko. We have packaged those experiences and learnings to help the broader community globally.

We have addressed three needs of business leaders in the Energy space:

  • Remove the complexity of decision-making
  • Remove wasteful spending in experimenting to find a scalable solution
  • Reduce the long time to market cycle

Locuz strengthens its grip on Renewable Energy Sector with its Data to Insights Accelerated Solution listed on AWS Marketplace

The goal of this Accelerated platform: Our #1 goal is to save companies from spending months and months finding the right solution so that energy companies can get insights faster.

Locuz brings a vetted data framework and architecture that will scale along with business growth.

What are we addressing with this Accelerated platform?

Locuz’ Data to Insights platform on AWS delivers Real-time insights. It enables customers to make an informed decision on geographically spread infrastructure. The integration of past and real-time data will play an instrumental role in decision-making and in monitoring the contractual terms with various stakeholders like OEMs, O&M Agencies, OCAs, etc.

Why should you rely on this platform for your operations?

  • We promise to cut down the time to market by a minimum of 50%.
  • One of the largest Renewables energy producers in the world is using this platform to scale its energy operations 10x.
  • The platform adheres to the AWS well-architected framework.
  • TPlatform components scale with your business.
  • Pre-built stencils for semi-structured, unstructured data in near real and real-time situations.
  • Conforms to data security and compliance requirements.

How did our solution help Greenko complete their vision of revolutionizing the renewables energy space?

Greenko is a leading energy solution provider in the changing energy landscape of India that is helping drive change to Renewables Energy in India. With a total installed capacity of 7.5 GW, which includes wind (2000+ wind turbines), solar (5+ million solar panels) and hydro (25 sites), Greenko has electrified over 6.3 million households and has removed an equivalent of over 17 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The first biggest challenge for Greenko was to get a Real time monitoring of Wind Turbine Assets with dashboards. This would help them visualize total number of connected assets, wind speed, power output, average power output, power generation and more.

Solution-Serverless IOT Data lake

Keeping the existing challenges and KPI’s in mind, Locuz designed and implemented a highly scalable AWS data pipe and across 4 pillars, Data Ingestion, Data Lake Hydration, Data Visualization and Analytics. You can read a full coverage of the solution and more about the Greenko story on the AWS blog.

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