There are hardly any businesses that are not leveraging Digital transformation. We witness security events occur left, right and center. So how do CIOs & CISOs continue paddling and pushing the digital transformation execution forward while making sure their organization’s digital assets are safeguarded.

The AI-based cybersecurity market to grow by $19 billion from 2021 to 2025. They cite the heightened complexity of enterprise networking environments, as it’s become a mix of legacy, on-premises infrastructure, and cloud resources, all of which need to be accessed remotely.

-->> Research firm Technavio

A sound security posture requires complete visibility of cyber threats, exploits and attacks targeting your digital assets.

aiSIEM powered SOC helps organizations visualize user activities, network traffic flows, anomalous behaviors, and host-based suspicious processes through a single pane of glass while ensuring cyber threats, exploits and attacks are detected early and accurately with automated intelligence, advanced correlation, and real-time analytics.

Reduce complexity & improve operational efficiency of security operations with one unified platform that protects your data and provides actionable intelligence.