About Us

Locuz is a Security led digital transformation partner with our Innovation & Engineering hubs in Hyderabad, India. Our lineage has been building some of the largest and most complex systems across the globe which were not just technology projects, but touched people. Be it setting up complete infrastructure for the Moon Mission or building a Tsunami warning system or be it one of the largest Axle Manufacturer and their 800+ workloads moved to the cloud, We have dealt with business problems of different scales. Cyber Security has been a big part of solving these problems and hence it became part of our DNA and is fundamental to all our solutions.

We believe that a modern organization needs to leverage the new toolbox which constitutes of Automation, AI, ML, Analytics, Data, Cloud and DevOps. Security is fundamental to all of those tools and is the underpinning of every solutions.  We have continuously focused on building assets which reduce the time to market and enable Innovation.

Our platforms like ClouTor, CONQUO and GANANA are pushing the envelope when it comes to CloudOps, Data & Virtualization and High Performance Computing.

Locuz is focused on

  1. CloudOps – our AI/ML power platform for 360 degree Cloud Operations, from Visibility to Economics.
  2. SecOps – Highly mature processes, tools and standards with Zero Trust as the foundation, our customers mean-time-to-detection is reduced to half, delivering SaaS or on-prem MDR capabilities. (SIEM/SOAR)
  3. HPCOps – As established leaders in the industry for the past 20 years, we offer comprehensive solutions of High Performance Computing, high performance storage and application parallelization. 
  4. AIOps – A business-centric approach to Managed Services, enabling our customers to harness the power of Intelligent Automation and Processes disrupting MTTR averages, leading to upwards of 40% savings.
  5. Insight as a service – A business centric data service, which targets to deliver insights to business teams from their data.

Locuz is in the forefront in delivering exceptional value to its customers by continuously innovating, automating and modernizing their environments.

Talk to us and let us identify that one challenge which we can help solve for you.

Why Locuz

Tailored Customer Services

Customer focused operations & customized offerings

Exclusive focus on Technology Infrastructure

Solutions baked with Security, Performance and Availability

Ip Led Transformation

Tech enabled innovation

Partner Ecosystem

Strategic alliance with industry leaders