Cloud Security in Banking

Cloud Security in Banking

Cloud Security in Banking

  • Disruptive Competition: Competition, disintermediation, fragmentation of the traditional bank value chain
  • Challenging Customers: Liquid expectation3, digital life. changing customer base.

  • IT and Business Alignment High time to market, IT initiatives without a clear business strategy. Lack of service mapping and service-level agreements (SLAB)
  • IT Model not Adaptable to Change Automation and visualization not delivering expected results, tactical initiatives such as software-defined networks (SONS), but no clear reference architectures
  • Mainframe Dependency: Monolithic applications, waterfall development, long development cycles, no levers for managing costs
  • Disparate Data Sources and Reporting Methods: From across the enterprise, and using multiple tools and platforms with no true golden source

  • Stagnant Revenue Pools: Continued weakness in bank profitability and pressure to reduce costa
  • Changing Regulations: More capital and regulatory constraints

  • Agility to meet volatile business cycles
  • Elasticity to support high seasonality and on-demand consumption
  • Reorganize IT cost structure moving Capex to Opex
  • Cost reduction and improved cost predictability
  • Agile application release cycles through DevOps
  • Facilitate access to enhanced capabilities (i.e. analysis of massive amounts of data)
  • Better operational control of the platform
  • Increased security and controls through automation

  • Capacity concerns
  • Redundancy needs
  • Resiliency requirements

  • Monitoring events
  • Threat detection and prevention
  • Inter-workload protection
  • file and folder encryption
  • data loss prevention
  • vulnerability scanning
  • key lifecycle management
  • secure application development
  • application vulnerability assessment and management
  • Event correlation
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Multi-cloud and on-premise integration   
  • Cloud security policy management
  • Patch management
  • Auditing of controls      

At Locuz, we provide a layered security approach that addresses Hybrid IT infrastructure as a whole & our Security Lifecycle Services rests on three strong pillars – People, Processes, & Technologies. Together, these provide for secure access for your business applications across all security-relevant data sources & coupled with intelligent analytics we can Detect, Investigate, & Respond by overcoming silos. We Design, Deploy and Manage Cyber Security architecture and use our partner ecosystem to bring Artificial Intelligence-based analytics.

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