Choosing Remote Infrastructure Management Outsourcing Partner

A company’s RIM partner needs to be motivated by the chemistry of three always changing factors. It is essential to assemble the following three key factors while choosing a RIM outsourcing partner.

  • Partner’s competencies and resources
  • Business ambition, ethics and objectives of the partner
  • Existing choices and authenticities in the market
To select a partner who can bring quicker and healthier services at low cost, organization should gaze at the below mentioned vital aspects that define success of outsourcing partnership.

One size does not fit all

In Remote Infrastructure Management. one size does not fit all. Every outsourcing organization will have their own strength. Big companies can fetch the aids of scale, agile process oriented companies presents suppleness and tailor-made service, which cannot be equalled by big corporations. Mid-size and small companies are more persuaded to devote in collaborations and embrace ‘Client for Life’ thinking. Therefore it is key to choose a partner whose proficiency equals with the scope of commitment intended. The approach should be selecting the partner on the basis of cultural match and capability to deliver required attention for the scale of operation which is intended to outsource. Companies should not get influenced by size.

Innovation and Digitization

Further than the apparent advantage of low expenditure, automation and digitization also reduces the component of human mistake in IT process and procedure. Therefore, it is an obvious parameter while assessing RIM outsourcing organization proficiency. While weighing this facet, we should ask for appropriate and RIM-specific technology and digitization approaches than looking at innovation which has been executed on organization level. Search for companies who have technologies which presents most of the frequently used features at low expenditure when matched to old-style Tier-1 technology. Compare the technology functionalities by 2 x 2 matrices. Work with those companies who have 80:20 technology approaches that are 80% of functionalities at 20% expense. Simplicity of executing and adapting the technology is also an important aspect since requirements are frequently varying and uncertain. It appears and comes to shape as you develop & mature and as the business changes.

Excellence and Knowledge Management

Industry and practice certifications have stopped to be a parameter for IT companies, as it has developed as standard. It is significant to find out assurance to business quality. Select associates with leaders who have a solid confidence and can bring approaches such as Quality and Knowledge Management keenly. Select those who have executed Malcolm Baldridge or comparable business quality models, which stress on importance of stable record, procedure and customer satisfaction. Applying six sigma practices to improve framework and process can be considered as sign of putting effort to improve continuously.

Transparency and Result based Models

Search for companies who can provide business impact analysis and are capable to match the applications with primary infrastructure, and provide service levels grounded on importance and distinguished bundled solutions. A transparent company will be capable of providing online dashboard which provides information on all measurable metrics. Conventionally, Infrastructure Management was seen as investment without any visible influence on business results. A SLA-based method and result-based costing makes sure that RIM expenses have direct and visible relation with business outcomes.

Skilled Workforce

Talent readiness is an important factor for managers in all business and industries. Search for companies who have strong training and talent nurturing system in place. Furthermore one has to find out companies who have competencies to get workforce with multi-skill and required proficiencies. One has to achieve excellence in few selected tools and technologies and basic capability in various skills. By doing this workforce will have awareness of big picture and bring faster solution to any issue and problem.

Depth of relation between client’s business goal and partner competency determines success or failure of Remote Infrastructure Management outsourcing. Capability to get appropriate partner can make all the difference to change IT operation practices.


Asit Sahoo

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