CISO’s & Cloud Security: How to Steer your Organization to Success?

Ciso's and Cloud Security

CISO’s & Cloud Security: How to Steer your Organization to Success?

Organizations who discovered misconfigured cloud services experienced 10 or more data loss incidents in the last year
 -Only 8 percent of IT security executives state that they fully understand the cloud shared responsibility security model
 -59 percent of organizations shared that employees with privileged cloud accounts have had those credentials compromised by a spear phishing attack.
    Oracle KPMG Cloud Threat Report.

While the time to experiment with the cloud was the story of the past, today organizations are confident in moving more business-critical workloads to the cloud than ever before but growing cloud consumption has created new blind spots as IT teams and cloud service providers work to understand their individual responsibilities in securing data. This confusion has left IT security teams scrambling to address a growing threat landscape and in this ever-evolving digital world, it only takes one successful cyber-attack, like a phishing email, to bring an organization’s website to its knees in minutes. This is where the role of the CISO for an organization becomes extremely critical. Today, a CISO can no longer shy away from the cloud, they need to embrace it and excel at it to ensure their organization’s success and security, especially when 73 percent of organizations have or plan to hire a CISO with more cloud security skills.

Enabling a successful digital transformation and migration to the cloud by executing a parallel security transformation ensures that not only can you manage risks in the new environment, but you can also fully leverage the opportunities cloud security offers. However, the sheer pace at which the organizations today are migrating to the cloud is creating a huge cloud security readiness gap. In fact, as per the Oracle KPMG Cloud Threat report, 92 percent of this year’s research respondents felt that their organization has a gap between current and planned cloud usage and their organization’s cloud security maturity. So, a CISO needs to identify these gaps and try to effectively help the organization to steer the migration securely and successfully.

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