Demystifying AISecOps & Why it’s important!

Demystifying AISecOps

Demystifying AISecOps & Why it’s important!

If we look for classic examples of AI in cyber security, then spam filtering is one such example of an AI cybersecurity application that’s top of mind. Today, we can’t imagine a world without spam filters and spam filters are nothing but an artificial intelligence application for the cybersecurity world. Now drawing from that context, let’s take the analogy into everything that an organization does in operations, whether it is threat detection, remediation, accelerating investigation, or even threat hunting.

The opportunity for you to introduce AI within SecOps is extremely high, but it, is also, again, very dependent on the environment you are working with. So, one must sit down and see what is the highest model that we intend to go and train for machine learning, and then apply it for doing remediation, or for threat hunting, or other things. What it means is that it can cut across everything that you do from the time of prevention to detection, to response remediation, and then resilient environments that should follow. Let’s at this point look at some of the top Use cases for AISecOps

To keep up with the volume, sophistication, and speed of today’s cyber threats, organizations need security operations that can function at machine speed. By applying artificial intelligence, machine learning, as well as integration and automation, organizations can reduce risk and improve efficiency. AI SecOps could be on the curve coming in at a later stage, especially for businesses that are starting to mature their processes and tools, but it must be somewhere on their journey. And to get to that point, CISOs today will have to start putting a lot of things together.

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