The Three Core Pillars of Excellence for Cloud

3 Core Pillars of Excellence for Cloud

The Three Core Pillars of Excellence for Cloud

Every organization with a large presence in the cloud must have a CCoE (Cloud Center of Excellence) team which is aimed at developing a cloud operation framework. The CCoE team is responsible for governing the IT infrastructure and developing best practices throughout the business.

A well-curated CCoE team starts with three to five members who thoroughly understand the Cloud Adoption Framework and are capable of executing cloud technologies that are aligned with the business’s goals and strategy. The members of CCoE’s team are generally, network engineers, system administrators, developers, IT operations, and database administrators. The CCoE team is responsible for revising existing governance standards and ITIL-based processes to understand and address all the cloud challenges faced by the employees and to provide ongoing support to all the stakeholders. 

A functional CCoE acts as a delivery catalyst, which will have a hands-on engagement with the project management and delivery teams to drive cloud initiatives. This type of CCoE is precisely applicable for organizations which takes decisions slowly only after a deep analysis of each and every aspect of the cloud transformation program. 

Organizations can adopt a DIY approach to develop an operational and governance model parallel as they begin their cloud migration journey, or they can engage a third-party vendor which can help them create a CCoE. Locuz Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) addresses the core problems of the enterprises in a way that organizations can gain leverage across the enterprise & drive the wave of change that can truly transform the organization. 

  • Aligning cloud offerings as per the larger organizational strategy
  • CCoE takes part in developing cloud governance, by designing reusable frameworks
  • Handling cloud knowledge and learning
  • Driving momentum across the organization
  • Managing cloud usage and plans for scale

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