Cloud Governance

Strategy to Optimize Cloud Spending
Cloud Governance
Cloud Governance refers to the decision making processes, criteria and policies involved in the planning, architecture, acquisition, deployment, operation and management of the Cloud computing capability.
To put it simply, Cloud Governance is the people, process, and technology associated with your Cloud Infra, Security, & Operations.
However, one should not fall in the trap of confusing Cloud Governance to be the same as Cloud Management. Cloud Governance involves a framework with a defined set of policies and standard practices. This could include policies for cost optimization, resiliency, security, or compliance.

Why does your business need cloud governance services?

Developing and integrating a top-notch cloud governance framework is not an easy task, it takes a lot of time and effort. It is not something that can be achieved overnight, rather it takes multiple rounds of iterations, thinking, and collaboration among business leaders and teams to achieve compliance.
Organizations can achieve immediate and long-term benefits through a well deployed governance model.

Visibility and Control

Cloud governance provides organizations with visibility into their cloud resources, enabling them to make informed decisions about cloud resource utilization and enabling them to take control over their cloud usage patterns.

Enhanced compliance readiness

Regular audits and compliance assessments are something that every organization has to surpass, regardless of the industry vertical. Cloud governance helps organizations ensure that their cloud resources are being used in compliance with industry regulations and standards, such as data privacy laws and security standards.

Reduces Costs

Through cloud governance, workflows are shifted from analog to automate. It helps organizations build in guardrails that will automatically update the management of each aspect from budgets to policies. On each and every cloud activity, automatic responses will be triggered, and this helps IT staff in reducing their burden of manually analyzing. This indeed is a cost saving for the organizations as the man power is drastically reduced.

Enhanced Security

Cloud governance services helps organizations maintain secure use of their cloud resources by implementing access controls, monitoring for potential security threats, and ensuring that cloud resources are configured in a secure manner.

Locuz Cloud Governance solution

We at Locuz help you develop a cloud governance model that enables you to improve operational integrity, reliability, performance, and transparency using the cloud. We bake in Cloud Security Architecture Design & Review in your Cloud Governance strategy in a way that is integrated with existing Enterprise IT governance processes, policies, boards, & tools.
  • CLOUD ASSURANCE: Cloud Service Operation, Configuration Management, Availability, and Access Management
  • CLOUD GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE: Business Strategy and Objectives, Risk Management and Security programs, Cloud Governing Board, and Operations team
  • CLOUD SERVICE CATALOGUE: Service Governance, Process and Service Automation, Service Rollout
  • CLOUD INFORMATION SECURITY FRAMEWORK: Security Architecture, Risk Management and Control, Legal and Compliance
Helped an Indian multinational conglomerate Group Companies to take advantage of a central landing zone with enterprise cloud service catalogue published within their compliance and policy framework. We enabled them to establish a Governance model for Cloud Consumption and created a Cloud Centric IT Operating model based on the speed, agility and cost of Cloud computing. The model is proactive in anticipating and preventing Shadow Clouds and Unauthorized Cloud activities that expose organizational risks.
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