What is Cloud Readiness Assessment?

A cloud readiness assessment is a process used to determine an organization's ability to move to the cloud, including the level of preparedness of existing workloads and assets.

For a successful and smooth cloud migration, it is recommended for organizations, whether they are migrating their IT infrastructure or applications, to conduct a cloud assessment. This process helps to create a cloud environment that meets the specific needs of the organization.

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Why is a Cloud
Readiness Assessment Important?

A cloud readiness assessment is an important step in the cloud migration process as it provides a clear understanding of an organization's strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. It also helps organizations identify potential risks and challenges associated with cloud migration and provides recommendations for addressing these issues.

The assessment provides organizations with a roadmap for cloud migration and helps them plan and execute the migration process effectively.

Benefits of a Cloud Readiness Assessment

Improved Efficiency

Reduced Downtime

Better Decision Making

Increased Agility

Cost Savings

Improved Collaboration

Increased Flexibility

Enhanced Data Security

There could be multiple objectives for an organization to consider a move to the cloud for eg. Agility, Cost Savings, Flexibility, Continuous Iteration, and Innovation, Platform Breadth, or others. Similarly, all the workloads of an organization may not be suitable and compliant for cloud migration. To help you answer and make relevant and effective choices, it is important for you to do a Cloud Assessment.

Our Cloud Assessment Deliverables

  • Delivers a cloud computing migration plan designed to align your IT with your specific business requirements.
  • Identifies the workloads best suited for cloud, enabling you to maximise the benefits from investments.
  • Develops a roadmap with clear goals to help you ensure a smooth, successful transition on your cloud journey.

Locuz’s Cloud Readiness Assessment


Data Collection



To allow organizations gain value from cloud computing initiatives while addressing compliance concerns, Locuz offers Cloud Readiness Assessment. Through this assessment, organizations can identify sensitive or regulated content and notify key stakeholders including compliance officers, company executives, and administrators of any at-risk content. Once the initial assessment is complete, a best practices approach is outlined to separate regulated and non-regulated content or workloads, and subsequently migrate appropriate content to the cloud.

Cloud Readiness Assessment includes interactive consultations with stakeholders to determine business practices, goals, and opportunities. What we cover in our assessment.

IT infrastructure

This component evaluates an organization's existing IT infrastructure and assesses its ability to support cloud technology. It includes an evaluation of servers, storage, network, and other IT components.

Data and Applications

This component assesses the organization's data and applications and determines their readiness for cloud migration. It also evaluates the organization's data security and privacy measures.


The assessment provides an estimate of the cost of cloud migration, including the cost of hardware, software, and personnel.

Security & Risk Assessment

The assessment tests and analyzes an organization's cloud infrastructure to ensure the organization is protected from a variety of security risks and threats.

Processes and procedures

The assessment assesses the organization's current processes and procedures, including change management, security, and data management, to determine their ability to support cloud migration.

Locuz is a leading provider of cloud assessment services with a proven track record of delivering successful cloud migrations for organizations across various industries.

For a leading Service provider of contingent workforce management and service procurement solutions.

As part of an effort towards continuous innovation and to build greater agility and superior compliance in the business, the company wanted to revamp the existing Dev & Test IT Infrastructure. It wanted to do so by evaluating multi-cloud platforms and deploying secure means for developers and users to access the Test & Dev Infra. As part of this effort, Locuz carried out a comprehensive IT Infra & Cloud Readiness Assessment for them and provided a Plan & Design(with validated test cases) that can serve as a blueprint for it to execute further; both on the Cloud as well as on the Compliance side. The blueprint also included a comprehensive migration plan of all Dev & Test servers from On-Prem to cloud, ensuring that the network is optimized for superior user experience and deploying security(like DLP) solutions to protect.

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