NextGen Wireless and Mobility Solutions

Mobility is no longer a trend – it’s how business gets done. With employees using multiple mobile devices and the availability of thousands of mobile apps, employees can work whenever and wherever they choose. This also means IT now has the dual challenge of supporting mobile productivity and protecting corporate data.

Enterprise Mobility enables an organization a BYOD strategy with full security and compliance. Mobility solutions help organizations plan and build the mobility solutions needs like integrate employees’ mobile devices into the workplace quickly and securely.

Extend secure access to business applications, communications and content to nearly anywhere, regardless of mobile device type and who owns it. Support new business models with mobile-enabled, personalized customer experiences. Speed mobile application roll-out and integration with back-end data and apps. Roll out mobility incrementally, at a pace that suits your organization, and securely control content access on mobile devices.

Wireless LAN

Build Next generation Wireless solutions with High Performance, High Experience

Connected Mobile Experience

For greater Guest Experience with right information at the right time

Guest Provisioning

Simplify guest experiences for easier guest onboarding and administration provides an all-new streamlined experience for enabling and customizing guest network access


Solutions integrating Identity and Access Management, Mobile device and Application Management solutions

Success Story

One of the largest Campus wide high speed wireless connectivity deployment for one of the leading Autonomous Research institute in India for more than 6000 nodes. The solution which is highly scalable and highly available has Cisco Tier-3 Switching Architecture (Virtual Switching), Cisco Wireless access controllers and more than 300 Cisco Access points. Though such large in scale, it has unified ease of Management.