Have you Assessed Your Organizations Cloud Readiness? Create a detailed Roadmap today!

Have You Assessed Your Organizations Cloud Readiness

Have you Assessed Your Organizations Cloud Readiness? Create a detailed Roadmap today!

 Defining Your Cloud Business Objective:

The most common business objectives for migrating to the cloud are seen to be:

  • Avoiding maintenance costs that come with data centre’s
  • Achieving increased scalability
  • Improving resiliency with better failover capabilities
  • Increasing remote collaboration/Ensuring enterprise mobility
  • Staying abreast of the competition
  • Meeting customer expectations

  • Scrutinize your current IT infrastructure
  • Identify your security requirements
  • Assess your operational readiness
  • Determine the budget
  • Establish a cloud operating model
  • Prioritize what application to move first
  • Test Adequately

To conclude, cloud migration is not just a lift and shift operation. It is a challenging task that involves a lot of intricacies. Hence, it is important to evaluate your cloud readiness considering all possible contingencies. Many cloud providers offer tools and services that are designed to help organizations assess their cloud readiness. While the CART can help you assess your own cloud readiness, given the complexity of cloud readiness assessment, some organizations even offload the process to a strategic partner.

At Locuz, our Cloud Readiness Assessment approach includes interactive consultations with stakeholders to determine business practices, goals, and opportunities to arrive at a plan for categorizing Applications to Re-host/Re-platform/Re-factor for the Cloud. As part of an effort towards continuous innovation and to build greater agility and superior compliance in the business, one of our customers wanted to revamp the existing Dev & Test IT Infrastructure. It wanted to do so by evaluating multi-cloud platforms and deploying secure means for developers and users to access the Test & Dev Infra.

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